Electronic Arts: Company has no interest in NFTs for the time being

NFTs are on everyone’s lips and seem to be interesting for many companies. But Electronic Arts has now been surprisingly known that one will not make any investments in NFTs for the time being. ^

In the same breath, it also emphasized that the development of NFTs will continue to be closely monitored in order to be able to react to the market.

Line Goes Up – The Problem With NFTs
According to EA CEO Andrew Wilson, you will first keep a distance from NFTs. For him, the current Hype for NFTs is more likely to compare with the former enthusiasm of investors for 3D, AR and VR in the field of video games.

In the past investor conference, he said, “In my view, the collectability is based on four key criteria,” says Wilson. “It’s about high quality content to rarity to proof of authenticity and a group of people who see a value in this content.”

“We saw that in the real world and we have seen that in the virtual world with certain things happened in and around our games over a few years.”

‘And I believe that collectability will continue to be an important part of our industry and games and experiences we offer our players. “

“Whether this is part of NFTS and the blockchain, only has to show. And I think we want to offer the players the best possible experience that we can offer you. So we will evaluate that over time, but at the moment it is nothing we are looking for emphatically. “