Pate / Grand Order, 2022 Stylish Valentines Day Event

Netmarble (Representative Kwon, Lee Seung Won) announced on the 8th that the “Valentine’s 2022-nice Valentine’s Day” event was held in Mobile RPG .

Fate/Grand Order Valentine's Day 2022 Pre-Release Gacha & Log-in Bonus!
‘Valentine’s 2022 Nice Valentine’ is a valentine’s day, and you can listen to a short scenario when giving and receiving a gift with a servant and a gift. In addition, all the gift exchange scenarios appeared in the event to apply Japanese voice actor to add fun.

Participating in this event can acquire various growth items, one of the event commemorative concepts, and three commands, and a command code can be obtained, and a special concept of a special concept drawn from the servant’s day.

Netmarble celebrates the new servant ‘★ ★ 5 – year – old Pick-up summoned. New Servants ‘★ ★ 5 – year – old Saussian (Archer)’ can only be obtained during the pickup period, and only a female servant is summoned to the pickup summon.

In addition, Netmarble was renewed the battle motion and spectacular form of 4 Marie Antinet (Rider) ‘and’ ★ 3 Guysu Yulius Caesar (Saber).

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