[Concolor] Netmarble “Coin will be published in March, there is no plan”

Netmarble has conducted a conference call to announce the annual performance of 4Q / 4Q02. Netmarble recorded sales of W2.55.9 billion won in 2021. 0.8% YoY. Operating profit was 13.2% on the previous year, which has decreased by W154.5bn. In this quarter, the performance of the Sinxes Game Games was reflected in warmth.

  • Date: February 9, 2022 (Wed) 16: 00 ~ 17: 00

  • Nasal: Kwon Young Ce, Lee Seung Won CEO, Pottery CFO, etc. Major management

  • Announcement: Netmarble in 4Q09 / year / year earnings and QNA

■ Netmarble 2021x / 4Q / Annual performance summary

“Netmarbles last year, 73% of Korea’s sales accounted for 27%,” Total sales of sales were 27%. ” Ebitda (EBITDA) was 3,058 billion won decreased by 20.3% YoY as labor costs increase due to increased sales and development workforce growth.

Netmarble sales in 4Q021 were 7,51.3 billion won. In the previous year, 20.4% YoY increased by 23.8% on the contrast. CFO said, “Seven Knights 2 Global Release and Spin Explosion showed a reflection of the warmth of the 4Q.”

NetMabble 2021 operating profit declined 30.3% YoY and 116.2% YoY, and W57.5bn. The same standard net profit increased by 4.2% YoY, and 200% Q107.1 billion won. “Operating profit or loss is a temporary increase of equity methods due to the company’s hybridization,” said CFO, said, “

“The CFO of the 4Q08, said, Netmarble regional revenue share is 43% in North America, 22% of Korea, 11% Europe, 10% Southeast Asia, 9% in Japan and 5%.

Last year, sales of netmarble genres are casual games, 40%, MMORPG 26%, RPG 21%, and 13%. CFO said, “From the fourth quarter, a spin-X game game (Cache Frenzy, Jackpotworld, Ratcher Slot, etc.), and the share of casual games increased + 18% points,” he said.

Netmarble in the first half of 2022, Seven Knights Revolution, the second country: Cross World Global (2Q), Golden Brosc (April), Netmarble Pro Baseball 2022 (April), Muge Kung Ja Island, BTS Dream: Tinyan House (Soft Launched) will be released. In the second half of the 2H, the Mabor of the Overpress, Squad Battle, All of the Mabor: Meta World, Champions: Angent, Monster: Arena, Grand Cross W is scheduled to launch.

In addition, Netmarble will showcase six games this year. First, the March ‘A3: Still Alive’ is released in Korea, China, and the Vietnamese area.

■ Major Quality Response
Seven Knights 2 Global was released today (9 days). I am curious about the achievement of the company.

Kwon Young-sik = Seven Knights 2 conducted global launch at 11 o’clock today. Seven Knights 2 was the difficulty of falling rapid indicators due to several issues related to service stability in the early days of the launch of Korea. As we prepare for global launching, we are very praying to overcome these issues and prepare for launch.

Marble fuselavials are not far from market expectations. What are the plans for sluggish and future rebound?

Kwon Young-sik = Marble fuselavolute game quality has a good response to the user. However, the propensity of the game system and Marble fan layer did not match properly. This problem will continue to improve through future updates.

Customization costs in the 4Q09, in the 4Q09, in the 4Q09, and can notify each of the netmarble Company – SPIN-SCC each. I have recently been a lot of personnel, and I ask for the labor cost and the marketing expenses this year. Secondly, I wonder how many PPA depreciation costs are reflected in relation to the spin-X argument, and how it is expected to be expected in the future. I would like to ask you whether you have one of the acquisitions.

Piggy Representative = I will tell you how to flow a large direction that will flow over the whole due to the spin-X acquisition. In relation to labor costs, the proportion of labor costs in Netmarble Company was slightly decreased after the acquisition of the Sinx, and the marketing cost was slightly higher than the existing business executive marketing rate. That is, the marketing cost is expected to increase overall.

When the payment fee is applied, it will be lower than that of the acquisition ratio overall because it is lower than the amount of the payment fee of the spin-exo. And because the increase in labor costs and payment fees are more than marketing growth, profitability is expected to improve as a whole.

PPA depreciation expenses will be reflected in about 2.5 billion won for each quarter. In the fourth quarter, one of the other costs is reflected due to the Rudia acquisition of Jam City, and does not take up a large proportion when it is overall.

SPINEX earnings are the first time, but the genre characteristic is not likely to be achievement. How much is the guidance that only classified by Sinx,?

Pigo Wook Representative = As a result, profitability is improved due to the spin-X, and the proportion of labor costs and payments will be lowered. Since labor costs and commission reduction effects are higher than marketing costs, earnings will be improved overall.

How long does it expect internally in relation to the Avenue CBT in January? And I wondered how long I have mentioned a multi-platform-related plan in NTP, but I wonder if it is a concrete blueprint.

Kwon Young-sik = Overfrime received a very positive feedback from CBT. The purpose of this test was to match the overall character balance and obtained the results of the purpose. I am still thinking about the expectation of expectations after launching, and it will be more tested and watched.

And we have given questions related to devices and platforms, and the trends recently referred to as the contents of the content, they are crossed and being crossed in the form of playable. We are developing in the form of supporting multiple platforms and devices rather than proceeding separately.

The payment fee was lowered while acquiring Sinx, but asked how to interpret this year.

Daigae Representative = We expect the total payment fee rate to be lower because the rate of payment fee of spinX is significantly lower than the ratio of existing business payment fee rate. In particular, as well as the spin-X acquisition effect, as well as the 5th NTP, as noted in the 5th NTP, the proportion of its own IP of the new lineup is expected to have a decrease in the decrease in the total payment fee rate.

I wonder if it is planned for shareholder friendly policy, such as a dividend plan this year.

Pigo Wook Representative = If you give a dividend plan, this year’s dividend plan is basically the same as the existing policy. We plan to estimate 30% of the amount excluding non-closable profit in the ruling shareholder profit.

I mentioned that Netmarble would be listed on issuing a coin. In addition, competitors’ wemids have sold their own coins, falling out of stock, and they have a lot of complaints, and I wonder how the sale policy of netmarble is designed.

Kwon Young-sik = The production currency issued by Netmarble is planned to be issued to about March and will be supported in a form that can be replaced through the Death Centralization Exchange (DEX) rather than a centralized listing immediately after issuing. It is planning to prepare for the centralization exchange at the time of nothing. And the coin Economy policy is difficult to answer 100% fixed responses, but it is basically planning to sell the self-issued coin to the market.

I wonder how much sales of YOY growth in the last four quarters of Sinx. Social casino games have a reversal, but what was Sin-X How was Sin-X?

Dogo Wook Representative = There may be some differences in the survey parameters, but the social casino game division is about 15% of 2021 in 2020. SpinX has recorded more than twice as a growth rate.

Can I see sales and operating profit of Sin-X in the last 4Q?

Pigo Wook Representative = If you see only SinxpinX, the overall EBITDA margin is about 20%. I see that there is no change in large width.

I want to know more specifically about game properties about Marvel: Meta World ‘. Is it similar to ‘Dentell Land’?

Kwon Young-sik = ‘Marvel of All: Meta World’ is basically the content provided by the company, but I think there are some things that users have to do and how they are doing any fun in the virtual space,. ‘Marvel of All: Meta World’ is to start real estate investment, as well as the basic fun to build up the initial market, but also enjoy the “Marvel of all” in the game and to start with the concept of real estate. Since then, the content to be expanded in the virtual space is worrying in many ways, so it seems difficult to explain the overall picture at this time.