Boranetwalk, “BORA 2.0-based P2E games, 10 kinds of release”

Boranet worked on this day (8 days), online through the ‘Bora 2.0 Partners Day’ event. The event was designed to introduce the “Bora 2.0” Renewal and the business roadmap of the Bora Network’s cryptographic waste.

The Bora network released the Roadmap of the project ‘Bora 2.0’, a renewed block body, and presented the forward blueprints. The Boracneth, as a global block, as a global block, as a result of a variety of content services such as games, sports and entertainment.

Cacao Games Jose Gyeon, who attended the event, said that the company will try to make a Greetings to the ecosystem, see the Insight of Cacao Games and the network, and then to the Ecosystem. After the development and support of the BORA project, “I will change to” and said that the block chain will be the core of meta bus and Web 3.0 development. Metabora plans to show a variety of services throughout the game based on the block chain and entertainment content.

In the following order, Neptune’s Jung Woo CEO and Boranatwalk Lim Young Jun CBO, CBO, COTO, the road map of ‘Violet 2.0’ is introduced. Jung Woo CEO, ‘Use the items you have gained from the game, get a fan club membership NFT to attend fan meeting, or buy a limited edition NFT of your favorite E Sports Player, A new form of services that could not be could not be possible in the BORA 2.0 ecosystem. ‘

The newly reorganized ‘Violet 2.0’ ecosystem will start with games, community, DAO, and various services and content such as asset management, entertainment, DAPP, E-sports and influer. Of course, you will build a new ecosystem with a variety of partners to draw a picture, not to prepare as alone.

Bora 2.0 The first change in the ecosystem is ‘new governance’. Conventional views have been made in a self-controlled private control, and there are many constraints in many ways, new looks have a more open ecosystem in the form of a new look in the existing structure.

The second is the new token economy. In the past, she used a shell-shaped token economy with a fixed exchange ratio, but it was a difficult structure that was difficult to accommodate various individual requirements. New looks are equipped with a platform-type system that provides a unique token Economy Implementation environment to overcome existing limits. To this end, token Economy should change in dynamic form, and Bora 2.0 plans to implement a token dynamics that interlocks the inflation and reduction rate logic to implement systematic incineration logic through introduction of systemic incineration logic.

The third change is reinforced with a public block chain. Since there was a weakness that the conventional purple ecosystem was closed and the scalability is low, Bora 2.0 plans to raise interoperability through the development of Bridge with Clayton Maine. Lim Young-joon introduced a more detailed plan for this in March and has been introduced to continue to update the future platform development directions.

Introduction to partnerships to do ‘Bora 2.0’ together. Bora 2.0 plans to create partnerships in the total five areas to ‘on-boarding, eco-system, eco funds, communities, governance counciles.

On Boarding Partners contained a game title to apply the Token Economy in earnest. The Boranetwalk is aiming to release 10 different kinds of game titles that combine token Economy with content on-boarding partners.

Bora 2.0 is scheduled to be applied to a casual puzzle, and sports PVP games with casual golf games starting casual golf games in the second quarter of 2022. Since then, after the third quarter of 2022, it is applied to virtual NFT Land-based games, IP-based NFT + MMORPG, social casino games, and after 4Q09, we plan to expand the scope to sports simulation and IP-based rhythm action games.

The governance council partner list of Bora 2.0 was also released. In the entertainment field, four companies have been mentioned from sandbox networks, collapse Asia, Cacao Entertainment, and Launched Readers.

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The game studio includes Friends Games, which has changed its mission to Ryan Heart Studios, Neptune, XL Games, Neobe, Mobic, Wemoid, Cacao Games, and Meta Bora.

Finally, the Krypto Infrastructure has been included with four companies to Burke Osa, Hyperriosis, Cross Wrap, Crust Universe and Cacao Enterprise.