Blade and soul

Blade of extracted blade Hinokami blooddo switch version, released on June 9

Seja Public Linging Korea (Representative Saitoo) said Nintendo Switch only announced that the Blade Hinokami hemoculars of the game software extracted are released in Asia on June 9, 2022.

The blade of the extracting is the cartoon work of the original Gotheoko day that is published in Shuyiaha Jump Comics. Boys who are killed by the family to the blood, and the Beginning in the “Collection” to return the brother Nazuko as a burnt-to-the-to-a-time, As a comical scene, it became a big topic in Japan as well as Japan, and exceeded 150 million cumulative issuing parts.

Blade of home game extracting, Hinokami, Hinokami, is a game that was created based on the blades of animated extracting from April 2019, as a battle action game, which is a leader in October 2021, in October 2021, It is breaking. Kamado, which plays a ride from the game and plays, from the main position to the theatrical version of the land, You can enjoy the worldview of the blade.

The Nintendo Switch version can choose and fight 24 characters, including six player characters added in the leading platform update. In addition, Nintendo Switch platforms can be used in Bossa mode, such as disasters, and abdomen, Costumes can be obtained from the beginning.

This New Tanjiro is Broken!

Detailed information on the blade of the blade of extracting can be found on the official website.