The hotel room of Kingdom Hearts could keep a secret about the next game

Square Enix and Disney have been silent with respect to the next game of Kingdom Hearts, but this year marks the twentieth anniversary of the series and a special event is planned for April. Twitter user @aitaikimochi (also known as Audrey), he could have discovered an interesting track about the future of the series in an unexpected place: the hotel room with the Kingdom Hearts theme of Tokyo Disney! The room has a strange treasure chest in, and guests can not share images of the contents until April 28. However, Audrey has declared what it contains: a wrench sword oath keeper, but with a blue pop fruit, instead of habitual yellow.

In a follow-up toot, Audrey contemplates the possibility of a production error, but she affirms that it is hard to believe, given attention to the details in the Oath keeper wrench of the hotel room. Audrey calls the article immaculate. Given that, it seems a bit unlikely that there is such an obvious mistake!


But yes, I doubt very much that they have put the potential spoiler of a future delivery in something that is only available in Japan, and I doubt very much that Nora puts the tradition of Kingdom Hearts at a real hotel. Audrey writes on Twitter. «But, again, this is Kingdom Hearts of what we are talking about, right…?»

The tradition of Kingdom Hearts is incredibly complicated, and the creator Betsy Nora has adopted a philosophy in which he almost all has part of the tradition of the series. As Audrey insinuates previously, it does not appear outside the scope of possibility that this is a spoiler for a future game of Kingdom Hearts. Unfortunately, there is simply no way to know with certainty.

For now, Kingdom Hearts fans will only have to patiently wait for the 20th anniversary event of Kingdom Hearts on April 10! It is possible that the event will provide some answers about this version of Oath keeper Key blade, as well as information about the next game of the Kingdom Hearts series. Until then, the fans will have a new mystery to be solved.

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