Final Fantasy XIV

“FF14” Beginners What is the config to be set by Adventurer? HUD & Hotbar and 5 or more selected

From the beginning of December 2021, MMORPG FINAL FANTASY XIV . With the opening of the Oceania Data Center, there was a presentation that package sales will be resumed from 17:00 January 25, 2022.

People who are thinking of starting an adventure at FF14 on a machine or a new American adventurer who has just become an adventurer just before the package sales off. However, there are many voices that are heard from beginners, There are too many play-screen information and understanding does not catch up.

This time, the recommended concept settings for beginners adventurers are elected.

1. What is HUD in the first place?

You can see HUD settings for one of the very important elements to play FF14. HUD is an abbreviation Head Up Display, and is always displayed while playing FF14.

It seems that there are many new US adventurers who are left as it is because I do not know well immediately after the start of play, but while playing play, This information is easy to see at this position and This information is easy to see I want to feel. If so, let’s set your own HUD in Main Commands → System Menu→ HUD Layout Change.

2. Main quest guide is recommended

In order to enjoy various contents of FF14, the progress of the main quest is required. Of the ! Marks displayed on the head of the NPC, the main quest is the main quest, and the main quest is the main quest.

At this time, there is a display called Main quests in progress on the game screen (in the upper left). This is a system that appears separately from other quests in the order, such as the Main Quest Guide. The main quest in the order is also displayed here, but it may be difficult to check for beginners as it is displayed mixed with other quests.

By default, the display of the main quest guide is turned on, so it is good to leave it as it gets used to the adventure. If you do not need to be unnecessary, you can turn off in the Main Commands → System Menu→ Character Config → User Interface Settings.

3. Unnecessary log is refreshing in Log Filter !

The FF14 chat log can display various information other than chat with other players. If you become an advanced person who goes to the high difficulty content, you may also leverage the logs in the battle.

However, if there are too much information displayed, it tends to be caused by beginners. If the default setting is, it also displays information that does not clearly need to adventure, such as the completion status of others’ chapter production.

If you want to clean unnecessary logs, you can set it separately in the Main Commands → System Menu→ Character Config → Chat Log Settings → Log Filter Settings. Since the log filter can be reconfigured, it is safe to hide it, but I want to see it all!

4. Buff Enough is easy to see and size

The FF14 has a buff that brings a good effect on the player, and Enough that brings a bad effect. Understanding these states is important information to keep the battle content. Some rebuffs can be released with a role action ESA for a healer, so let’s set it easy to see as much as possible.

The size of the buff-debuff information is System menu → HUD layout → CURRENT WINDOW → status information: ○ ○ item, and then detailed setting is possible with the gear button at the bottom right of the window. The display of status information can be selected from three types, but the most susceptible to viewing is Split and display into three HUD’s, Buff Enough Other buff can be set individually.

Others Buff applies special buff effects such as the effects of the bonus effects and free company actions obtained by food and chemicals.

5. Common function to use well in Hot Bar and Cross Hot Bar

A more frequently used action and functionality will be more convenient by registering with the hot bar or cross-hot bar. The hotbed can be free layout, such as horizontal or vertical, or multiple columns. The cross-hot bar is basically using this with a hot bar that appears according to the shape of the game pad.

Keyboard & Mouse people will register to the hot bar. From the Main Commands → My Camper → Action List, you only need to drag any action or function with the mouse.

Game pads are mainly the cross-hot bar, but hot bars are also available. When setting it to a cross-hot bar, register from the action list to any button with a subcommand. Of course, you can also drag with the mouse function as well as the hot bar.

The actions and functions set on the hot bar are recommended to keep key bind settings that describe in the following items. For cross-hot bars, key bind settings are not used.

6. Simply specify targets and actions in Key binding settings

The key binding setting is a setting for executing the keyboard keys by pressing the key on the hot bar and the function registered in the hot bar. Of course, the keyboard & mouse is, of course, it is an important system for people who are actually game pads.

You can set various targets and shortcuts from the Main Commands ® System Menu→ Key Binding Settings. For example, as well as NUM1 and F1 only one key, as well as SHIFT + NUM1, it can be specified by combining multiple keys, so there is no loss with a game pad group that is not enough with the cross-hot bar al1..

As an example of a party list, you can select and target party members with the up and down buttons on the game pad, but you can take a little time to select a player that is displayed per the center of the list with 8-person content.
If you can choose immediately with the key binding settings, it is safe to say that.

There are many other configuration settings for playing FF14 comfortably. First, let’s continue playing and explore the settings that you are easy to use.