Germany is looking for flag carrier duo

The Olympic record participant Claudia Beckstein belongs as in 2018 to the candidate circle for the choice of the German flagship duos in the winter games. As the German Olympic Sports Association on Monday announced, for the honorable task at the opening ceremony on February 4th in Beijing at the women next to the 49-year-old ice-fastener the four-time toboggan-Olympic champion Natalie Heisenberg and Ramona Paymaster has been nominated. The snowboarder won 2018 Olympia bronze.

It’s already a great honor for me that I am talking, said the five-time Olympic champion Beckstein even before its second admission in the contestant circle of the German Press Agency. If it should come, the more. Four years ago in Pyongyang, their nomination had been controversial, ultimately the Nordic combiner Eric Freeze had held the German flag.

also Friedrich is nominated

Alone, pitch stein would not carry the flag with a successful choice this time. Since the playing in the summer 2021 in Tokyo, a woman and a man go at the top of the teams.

In the men, the DOSE has the double-Olympic champion in BOV series in Pyongyang, Francesco Friedrich , the fourfold toboggan-gold medal winner Tobias Wendy and the captain of the German ice hockey national team, Moritz Müller , proposed to initiate the Team D during the invasion of the bird test stadium.

Sports enthusiasts and fans choose until Sunday

The German flag carriers have been elected in the summer of 2016 in Rio de Janeiro in the summer of 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, half of the athletes of the German team and fans with the support of ARD, IDF, Eurosport and T-Online via online vote. The choice lasts until Sunday. The duo is presented on 3 February.

In front of Pyongyang games in 2018, Beckstein had won in the public vote, but Freeze was able to catch up with this residue with a clear lead within the German team. At that time, her nomination had polarized because she had been locked years before because of doping humbles. The basis was not a positive finding, but a striking blood picture.

Later, this barrier was evaluated by an expert commission of the DOSE as a mischief, but never earned. Beckstein fought against the verdict and for damages – to the Federal Court of Justice and the Federal Constitutional Court.


Beckstein participates in the eighth time

It’s first right to nominate you. For the eighth time she participates in Olympia. That’s not there yet, Dose President Thomas said Water. Everything else is in the hands of the athletes and the audience who will choose the flag carriers. And I believe that they have a flair for whether that is good or bad.

The German ice-fast and short track community would welcome it if the successful athlete should now carry the black-red golden flag with their eighth Olympic participation. She knows that we are all scary proudly on her. She is a real careful, said E-sports Director Nadine Seidenglean. The DOSE has come to us because of the flag carrier. That would be deserved.

The 35-year-old Müller of the Cologne sharks could become the second ice hockey international as Olympic flag carrier. At the graduation ceremony in Pyongyang, the former NHL defender Christian Emhoff had worn the flag. Both belonged to the team, which had brought in South Korea Olympia silver. That would be one of the biggest things I had experienced in sports, Müller said. Belonging alone to the Candidate Circle is a great honor, and then perhaps really wear the flag, that would be just incredible.

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