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Warzone: So the “HITS log” works, an important feature with a malfunction

Earlier this week, the developers of Call of Duty and, in particular, Call of Duty: War zone Pacific announced the start-up postponement of the Battle Royale and Cod Vanguard . The reason for such a decision is the fact that both titles are having too many problems at this time. And as if this last was not enough, the War zone players realized that the bullets that inflicted their enemies were not really effective, pointing with the finger the hits record .

A defective HITS record

First, for those who do not know it yet, the HITS record is the time they take the bullets to reach their goal , and for many years this point has been a fairly delicate issue that has been linked to the Games of Call of Duty, this issue being very often assimilated to the connection by the players. On the other hand, in Reddit , the user called thetruealcapwn I wanted to know if he was or not the only one who had big hits record issues in boiler, and to the surprise of him, it seems not.

According to him, the latter, although it is close to the enemies of him, not even hitting them and when he is in 1V1 and loses, the death chamber shows something completely different from what he believed had happened. While he thought he had hit him several times and, therefore, he had inflicted harm to his opponent, the repetition showed the opposite. According to him, it seems to be a issue from War zone since it barely has LAG and its connection can not find any speed loss problem.

In view of all the testimonies that followed its publication, we can see clearly that this is (unfortunately once more) a issue that originates in the game and not the players. Also, on other occasions, many of the players also had to face this situation many times, with a freezing when they were in front of an enemy and shot him. Hopefully Raven Software takes care of this issue and fixes it soon enough .