Riot Games denounces a Vietnamese study by shamelessly imitate one of its games

With the arrival of 2022, Riot Games wants to continue with his wake of successes after 2021 full of records with the unimaginable premiere of Arcane or the worlds because they were seen by tens of millions of people. The American developer is currently very sweet, and is normal that many have wanted to take a look at many of their games to be able to spire some titles, so they can succeed, but there is a specific study that Yes, it has happened a lot and instead of inspiring or taking some things, directly have plagiarized the game in a blatant way.

This is the case of I am Hero: AFK Tactical Team fight , a game developed by the Vietnamese developer IMA Network that has been defendant by Riot by plagiarly one of its games ; Specifically, Team fight Tactics. At first glance, the inspiration of the tactical game of Riot Games on I am Hero and even many of his characters are literally copies of the Mob de Riot, with names like that of By or Lion for Avoid these copyright that have also infringed by taking other things of the same game.

The lawsuit, presented in California, asks that it is Restrict to IMA to sell your game for violating the copyright League of Legends . In addition, Riot searches 150 thousand dollars for each copyright infringement that has the game (which are not few). It is not the first time that a company gradually catches a Riot Games title. Without going further, in 2018 Tencent (who is currently the owner in its entirety of the American developer) received a complaint because the Mobile Mobile of the Chinese macroempresa, Mobile Legends , had too many similarities as to Mechanics, characters and map control.