Outstanding Vindheim leads Schalke to canter victory in Aue

After 2: 2 at St. Pauli began the Bauer, where coach Pavel Ditches Majetschak had brought for the attacked Carlson, initially solid. Compact, the Saxons made the game heavily and tried to ensure danger of danger about switching moments. Thus, the violets came in the 14th minute to the first good chance of the game when Ow usu failed to Frail.

Schalke, the coach Dimitrios Grammars had been started compared to the 1: 1 against Kiel with Pie ringer for Hurling and new entrance Sondheim for RAFT, revealed a significant overweight of the possession of the possession, but initially difficult, could not beat any capital. After just under 20 minutes, Eroded recorded the first dangerous completion of the scarce (18th).

Schalke double strike shortly before the break

However, after however, the royal blue succeeded in increasing the pressure on the home team. Ten minutes after the first appreciable degree, Eroded was again awarded the biggest chance to date, as a male grandiose pared (28th). A little later, the violets could no longer defend the second league record scorer and looked after some billiards in their own five-meter room the 0: 1 residue (36.). Immediately thereafter, the second goal of the Schalke followed after Eroded had served the starting Sondheim in the course of a beautiful counterpart (38.).

That before halftime did not come to a third goal for the scarce, there was a further awarded opportunity of Idris (45. + 3), as well as a rightly unknown trade meter, the impartial Are Earning at the end of the regular playing time Falsely, his decision after sighting the TV images had then corrected.


Ice cold knocked with fast preliminary decision

Shortly after the change, however, the guests then laid by the substitute Later (51.), who also contributed a good ten minutes later after the preliminary decision, the final decision at this time already significantly reducing homeowners (63.).

As a result, the defensive of the violets were phased, which caused the away team again and again to good opportunities despite the decreasing pace. The substitute Butler first awarded the largest of these opportunities (70th), marriage Pie ringer briefly hit the 5-0 (72nd). In the final quarter, both teams finally spent. Only a conclusion of the substitute Lazaro would have enabled the Saxony almost the honorary goal. However, the Azerbaijaner sealed in his acrobatic attempt (83.).

The scarce jumping on the fourth table spot due to the better gate ratio compared to HSV and are a counter behind the third-placed brakes in lacing.

AUE will now have to process the dropout as quickly as possible in order to catch up in the rest of the season the missing five points to the saving shore. The next possibility has the Erzgebirglers on February 5 at the direct competitor Tannhauser (Saturday, 13.30 clock). Schalke is expected at the same time Regensburg, which is also likely to make hopes to intervene in the ascent race.