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A new game of Jojos is already in development!

Although Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures is one of the most beloved animes in recent years, Hirohiko Araki’s work has not been very lucky in the world of video games. Outside a couple of fight titles and a Battle Royale, most of these experiences are limited to mobile deliveries for mobile devices. In this way, Today it has been revealed that a new game is already on track, and will have an international launch.

In 2020, Klab revealed that they were working on a new game of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure for mobile devices, which, originally, was only planned for China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Fortunately, A new statement has confirmed that this title will be available internationally . However, there is still no launch window or official title for this project.

Similarly, on the official site is talked about the first five parts of the anime, so this title probably has to do with these adaptations. Outside of that, No details related to the type of game that Klab is preparing for us , we hope to have more information about it as soon as possible.

On related topics, plus SPIN-OFF of the JOJO’s Bizarre Adventure manga will be available in March.

Editor’s note:

It is true that this anime needs a new game. However, we are talking about a title for mobile devices, which will surely be a plot that will have many microotransractions. I just hope it’s worth it, and have a lot of fan service.