Ghostwire Tokyo Filter your possible releAustraliae date for PS5 on PS Store

Ghostwire: Tokyo hAustralia appeared with Date for the next March 24, 2022 in the official portal of PS Store from Australia . The new video game of Tango Gameworks, exclusive temporary in Sony consoles, reflects this suggestive data for the increAustraliaingly close-up world premiere, initially contemplated by 2021.

The information, which hAustralia run at full speed in forums and social networks, is not official. However, at this time nor Sony Interactive Entertainment or Tango Gameworks have confirmed or denied that data. If that the expected releAustraliae date is expected to be formalized in the coming days or weeks given the proximity of the moment.

What is certain is that the card no longer reflects that date, March 24, but such a reference hAustralia been withdrawn. Therefore, two possibilities include: the first, which hAustralia been an involuntary filtration ahead of time; The second, that is a simple error .

Ghostwire: Tokyo, the new Tango Gameworks, State of Impendo Play?

The question that are now the PS5 players is if they will play or not Ghostwire: Tokyeste March month. The videogame is already clAustraliasified by the regulatory bodies of South Korea, added reAustraliaon to think that its development hAustralia been completed and we approach the launch at PlayStation 5 and PC consoles, where it will also be simultaneously.

On the other hand, it is possible that in February a new state of play is carried out in February where not only the protagonism that deserves Horizon Forbidden West , which will reach PS5 and PS4 Next February 18, 2022, but also to Ghostwire: Tokyo and other premieres contemplated by Sony for this first third of 2022.

It should be noted that Sony published this week an article on its official website where it collects the 22 most outstanding videogames of PS5 and PS4 for 2022 . In it, names like Stray (cat game), Sifu, Little Devil Inside, Salt and Sacrifice, Forspoken (March 3) and Ghostwire: Tokyo (Date).

Ghostwire: Tokyo will be put on sale first in PS5 and PC. When the exclusive temporary is terminated (a year after the premiere) you can also exit on other platforms.