Deep “ida” ensures program

The current weather forecasts promise a winter break for the coming days in the Alpine region. The deep with the name IDA should provide for extensive snowfalls, which especially relate to Saturday. Then regionally between 30 and 60 centimeters of fresh snow can be added.

This is even a challenge for the slalom.

FIS-RenDirector Markus Walker

For this reason, the organizers were forced to relocate the traditionally on Saturday Hahnenkamm descent on Sunday. Let’s start at 13.30 clock. The slalom originally appointed for Sunday is supposed to go on the stage on Saturday. Running one was terminated at 10.15 pm, the second pass starts at 13.45. That will even be a challenge for the slalom, said FIS-Renndirector Markus Walker.


On the other hand, the first departure on the Straw is expected to take place on Friday at 11.30 am. In this World Cup winter, two races were set on the sturdy to better control the visitor. Normally, the main race will be visited on Saturday, one of the most spectacular and most dangerous runs in the World Cup, around 50,000 spectators. On the two races this year, only 1000 people are allowed, and there will be only seating.

also affected women’s races in Corina d’Mezzo of shift

Affected by the shift in the gentlemen are also the competitions of women taking place on the same weekend in the Italian Corina d’Mezzo. The departure on Saturday was postponed at 11.30am, the Super-G on Sunday starts at 11.45.