Mortal Online 2

17th Anniversary Em Games Hero Online, Cheongdae Daejeon update and event open

Em Games (Representative Won Leon) is a member of its own development and service. MMORPG (Multi-Multi-Ma), Hero Online, the 17th anniversary of the Hero Online, introduces a new war system ‘Cheongsam Daemon’, I said it was on July 20.

First, we updated the Chongqing Daemon content that can earn a strong compensation through fierce battle. ‘Cheongsam Daemon’ is a war system that is a new 17th anniversary of the 17th anniversary of the launch, and users can enter 14 o’clock and 21 pm every day. When positioned, it is assigned to 1 team of Non-Ring Jin Young and Choir Jin-young, and will win by destroying the stone statue NPC located in the camp of the opponent’s team after the start of the war.

The user who participated in the war is paid for the golden coin, and the victory team will defeat the Cheongsam Daemon victory for the victory. When you open the presentation, you can obtain an expensive game money exchange item.

On the 25th, the ‘Hero Online’ birthday is given 100% additional experience for 24 hours, 100% of item acquisition rate, 100% of item acquisition rate, and pays a rare number of rare components.

Also, a rich commemoration event is held until 17th of my month. Connections during the event of the event, the celebration box row of a render is automatically paid for a special item for each 3 hours, and if you register a screenshot with the Moon Panel and the 17th anniversary cake in the game, you will have a special benefit through the lottery.

Through bids, the Hardin events that can receive rare items are held weekly, and you can get daily compensation if you check attendance through the Events NPC during the event period. Here you can rent a monster and rent a variety of equipment items with a given document. The Hymn Hyung’s resurrection time is also covered by the resurrection time of the Boss.

Em Games Hero Development Room Organic Name The implementation of the organic name is a sincere appreciation for the users who sent a steady love and support for the Hero Online for a long time, he said, he said, he said, I prepared an abundant event, and I asked you to participate in a lot of participation.