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Total War: Medieval 2 will arrive at iOS and Android mobile devices in Spring

SEGA has announced the launch of a version for IOS and Android of Total War: Medieval 2 this spring. The original, developed by the British study The Creative Assembly, is a strategy game with medieval and mechanical military, government, economic, economic, diplomatic and religious, was originally published in 2006 for PC. The new version for mobile devices of Total War: Medieval 2 is being developed by Feral Interactive, and according to Sega is full game, without sacrifices. For adaptation to tactile screens, the Rome control system will be implemented: Total War, which according to developers facilitate users to dominate tactics and commands as they maneuver with thousands of units on the screen to conquer the battlefield. Total War: Medieval 2 does not yet have a concrete release date on iOS and Android, but its launch is scheduled for this spring.