Bobby Kotick will leave his post as CEO at Activision Blizzard after finishing the purchase process by Microsoft

According to the sources consulted by Bloomberg and the American newspaper The Washington Post, Bobby Kick will leave his position as CEO of Activision Blizzard after finishing the purchase process by Microsoft . At the time of publication of this news, none of the companies has officially pronounced the future of Kick, however, from Microsoft, it has been aimed at the Phil Spencer, in his role of Microsoft Gaming CEO, He who will be in charge of the different studies in the face of his integration in Xbox.

Although yesterday we knew that Microsoft had paid a total of 68,700 million dollars by cash by Activision Blizzard and all its equipment, the actual acquisition process must go through a series of regulatory controls in different countries and states that can be extended to a minimum of six months. From Microsoft, they have confirmed that Kick will be in charge of Activision throughout this regulatory period, staying after that, in Kick’s words with the New York Times, at the disposal of what they need for the future. What I have explained to Microsoft is that I worry a lot about the company and that any role in which they want to have me to ensure that the transition from the business occurs in a correct and soft way I will look good.

The output of Kick is especially important in order to improve the situation of Activision Blizzard workers and the company’s own public image. As they have explained in a statement some members of the Abetterabk organization, dispense with Kick remains one of his immovable and undenogocyable requests in order to solve problems between workers and directive. Since the organization they have wanted to remember the accusations of abuse carried out against the CEO, the bad management that has made of the complaints against third parties, as well as the strong anti-unionist position and anti labor rights that Kick has gala during the race of he.


Even though everything seems to paint badly for the current Activision Blizzard leader, both the purchase by Microsoft and a future dismissal will be very profitable for Kick. According to several insiders industry, Kick has an armored contract at this time, which gives you the right to collect a compensation for more than 290 million dollars if he is dismissed because of a change of control in the company. To this we must add the value of the almost four million shares that the manager has at this time and that will report more than 580 million dollars.