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Final Fantasy 14: Then you can buy the game again

Final Fantasy 14 has been a very popular MMO for years, which you can also play on the PlayStation. But only with the last extension End walker, which appeared in December, there was a huge hype around the game.

This ultimately led that the servers were packed, which is why Square Enix has set the sale of the game in digital stores. Even if the servers have not yet reached the new capacities, Square is now planning to resume the sale.

Final Fantasy 14 soon available again in the store

In the official blog to Final Fantasy 14, the producer of the Game Naomi Yeshiva reported and gave a small update as it will continue in the game with the servers.

Then the sale goes off again: After the launch of End walker, the game saw a huge popularity boost, who made it that more and more players were excluded from gambling mistakes. After even smaller fixes did not bring anything, the sale was set in digital stores.

Now, however, Square Enix is ​​sure that the first wave has survived, and new players can get in without large server issues. That’s why the sale is on 25. January at 09 pm German time starts again in all digital stores. You should then find the game again in the PlayStation Store.

How to continue? Even if the game is available again, the actual upgrade works are not yet completed. So far, the European servers consist of two data centers with ZAF worlds on which players can log in to themselves. In Europe, the servers will be expanded in two phases in the coming years:


  • Phase 1 : By July 2022, the two data centers each receive two new worlds each.
  • Phase 2 : By summer 2023, a new data center with direct eight worlds should come to it. Thus, the European region was then distributed 24 worlds on three data centers.

Also in the other regions, the servers will be massively increased in the coming years. So it can be assumed that there should be only a few to no more problems in the game.

Now the time is to go on : We talked to our free author Stephan Large for a brief moment from Korea, so that he can answer whether the entry is now worthwhile. Why he answers that with a clear yes, you read in his column.

Do you already play ff 14 or is the newly started sale of the game exactly right for your first entry?