Pokemon Go: Field Research in January 2022 – All Rewards

All field research in January 2022 Pokemon Go and their rewards we show you here in the overview. There are rewards for catching, throwing, interactions with friends, fighting and more.

What has changed? Matching at the start of January 2022, the developers of Pokémon Go changed some field research that you can earn when shooting photo windows. We show you here in the overview the new quests and rewards that you can solve and receive now.

You also have the chance to meet Shiny. Pokémon, which you can meet in the dazzling form, we mark here in the article with a ( ) star. Quests in which the task or reward changed are marked with (new).

Catch | Field Research in January 2022

Throwing | Field Research in January 2022

buddy & friends | Field Research in January 2022

fighting | Field Research in January 2022

Develop & Power-Ups | Field Research in January 2022

Eggs, snapshot and kilometer research

Research breakthrough in January 2022


What is in it? The research breakthrough in January 2022 is an encounter with Unix. Originally, it was planned that you can farm mega energies for Stalls in the encounter, but a mistake ensured that the developers had to change.

Now you will receive the mega energies through a temporary research where you just should catch Pokémon. This can be easily solved and then supplies 50 mega energies per step.

How do you like the field research and research breakthrough in January 2022? Are quests or rewards on which you put a lot of value?