The release date of God of War Ragnarok can be closer than expected

The launch date of dies of the Ragnarök war could be even closer than many fans expected. On the last day, a recent filtration suggested that the previously expected sequel of 2018 Ions of war was launched in September 2022. While this window seemed more likely to be a position marker, a new development today has suggested that this Potential launch window could be even closer.

As of today, dies of the Ragnarök war has now officially received a qualification appointment for the Saudi Arabia region. Unexpectedly, Ragnarök received the equivalent of a qualification of M for the country, which is something that many fans could surely have been predicted a long time ago. That said, the important thing about this development is not the fact that God of War Ragnarök received an M rating, but the fact that it has been described at all.

Usually, video games only receive official qualifications such as when they approach the launch. Qualifying a game is one of the final steps that are needed so that a title ends up reaching the shelves of the stores. Sometimes, these ratings (especially in other regions) end up reaching a lot before expected, but independently, the fact that we have seen the game receive some kind of rating at this point tells us that the launch plans could be around from the corner.

God Of War Ragnarok - Reveal Trailer con VOCES EN ESPAÑOL | PlayStation Showcase 2021
Currently, PlayStation and the Developer Santa Monica Studio have only come to a certain extent to commit to launching dies of the Ragnarök war at some point in 2022. And although many naturally assumed that the game would not be launched until the second half of the year, mainly because Horizon West Prohibit is the Great PlayStation game in the first half of 2022, maybe this release date estimate by fans was wrong. Although we should not get too excited about Ions of the Ragnarök War release in the first half next year, now there are hopes that we learn something more about the title soon enough.

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