Red Bull Salzburg and RB Leipzig watch Paxten Aaronson

While Brendan Aaron son flourishes in Red Bull Salzburg and also arouses internationally interest, brother Paxton (18) has also supplied first profile air at Philadelphia Union. Salzburg, but also RB Leipzig, look closer to MLS editor Tom Bogart.

I’ve seen him growing up and have seen what a player he is, and he will be very special, is convinced by his younger brother.

Paxton Aaron son was raised from the Academy this season and came in the fall and better in the autumn. In his first playing time in the MLS, he met three times at 591 minutes of play, from beginning to five games from the beginning.

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Brenden Aaronson's Best Game For Red Bull Salzburg

In November, he debuted in the U20 national team of the USA, and even a nomination with the gentlemen stood in the room. Like head coach Gregg Constant confident, a nomination of Aaron son was a topic, but Philadelphia was still in the MLS Cup playoff at this time. How long the youngster still runs in the MLS is in the stars, some European clubs pursue the development closely.