Do you already have a GOD OF WAR RAGNAROK release date No but this can be of reference

First, we must bear in mind that what we are going to talk about is not official information, so we are going to take carefully the data. How do we raise in the owner, do you already have a date and God of War Ragnarök? The answer is no, but we do have a fact that can serve as a reference.

PlayStation Game Size is a website known to bring to light the sizes of games on the hard drive, with great reliability, as they register their own PlayStation data. Now, as you can see below, they indicate that according to your records, the adventures of rates and Atreus would arrive on September 30.

When is God of War Ragnarok Coming Out? The Release Date Could Be Closer Than You Think!

If we have to bet, we say that it is what is called a Placeholder. It is a date that marks the end of a quarter, and probably has that date for itself. In any case, it can be taken as a reference to endorse what we already suspected: it will arrive at the end of the year and probably between the months of September and November.

So, you still do not ask you that day in your work or at school, because it is probably not the real date. Normally, L AS publishers put these dates to make their efforts, both at the marketing and distribution level, so that stores can make their estimates. Surely, PlayStation makes the official announcement of the date to the GOOD, at an important event or in an STATE OF PLAY designed for the occasion.

But we had to make us echoed, because we have a lot of desire for God of War Ragnarök.