Violent videogames are financed by arms companies says Government of Mexico

Mexico Sues US Gun Manufacturers For ‘Fueling Bloodshed’ Across The Border; Seeks $10bn In Damages
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Throughout this year we have heard several statements by Andrés Manuel López Obrador, president of Mexico, where he points out that the video games foster violence. Now, something similar happened today, but on this occasion it was Marcelo Board, Secretary of Foreign Affairs of our country, who mentioned that arms manufacturers are financing video game development.

During a press conference of today, December 21, 2021, Board was questioned on a claim that issued the Government of Mexico against arms manufacturers in the United States last August. Here is accused of Beretta USA Corp., Colt’s Manufacturing Co., Glock Inc., Smith & Weston Brands, Sturm Ruger & Co. and Wither Public Safety Group to promote traffic and use of weapons in Mexico linked to violence. This was what was commented about:

It is a lawsuit filed by Mexico against 11 Arms Companies in the Massachusetts Short. It was presented on August 4, 2021. What is it that Mexico claims on that demand? That the practices of manufacturing, distribution, advertising and sale of these companies favor the trafficking and use of weapons in Mexico linked to violence.

The argument of the companies is: ‘Well, I sell a weapon, and it’s not my responsibility what are you doing with the weapon’. What they do not say, and we say it in our demand is that they are generating weapons even that they know they are destined to the market linked to drug trafficking and violence in Mexico.

They are also financing video games, huh? To encourage the expansion of weapons consumption with young people. To remove the human dimension to what it means to assault another person with a weapon and turn it into a kind of competition with weapons specially designed for it.

This last point was the one that caught the attention, since the politician did not provide some test or an example that supports this statement. So far there have been no cases where some arms company offers financing to some company with the aim of promoting a specific weapon.

On related topics, the president of Mexico returned to attack the games.

Editor’s note:

As if that were not enough, many companies have opted to get away from realism that weapons offer. Games such as Fortnite or free Fire, which have been indicated by the Government before, do not have weapons designs that resemble what we see in reality. Of course, there are examples where this is the case, but they are always aimed at a greater audience, and not to minors.