Two of the smartphones Introducing ESIM in September next year

ENIM services are introduced in domestic smartphones from September 1 next year. It is a form of an electronically subscribed profile on a chip built into a terminal, without replacing a group-specific module (USIA) in a plastic card form of a plastic card.

If you use existing USIA and ENIM together, you can use two numbers to join a different carrier with one mobile phone. It means that you can not distinguish between business phones and personal phones, and it is possible to be a mobile phone device.

The Ministry of Science and Technology Information and Communications Department announced on the 21st that it decided to introduce smartphone ENIM to enhance domestic user benefits in accordance with global ENIM spread trends.

Domestic smartphone ENIM services will be implemented on September 1 next year. This promotes institutional technical instructions for ENIM commercialization such as improvement, system reorganization, and ENIM smartphone launch.

The basic role of ENIM (Embedded SIM) is the same as USIA. However, unlike USIA, the user is used to download the profile of the carrier by using the QR code, etc. on the chip built into the terminal.

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In 2016, global standardization standards have been established, and 175 countries of 69 countries, as of the end of last year, have introduced ENIM services. In Korea, ACT, which is a familiar phone operator, has been commercialized the ENIM service on its smartphone last July, and the communications 3 are using ENIM services in smartwatches.

The government has been in July since last July, a mobile carrier, manufacturers, and related organizations, and ENIM counsel have been conducted.

■ It is convenient to open the uninterruptible.

Unlike USIA, ENIM does not need to be physical insertion or replacement. You can also open up only from downloading from your smartphone. Visit your communicator distributor or convenience store to make it easier to open uninterruptible online without purchasing a dosage card.

As a result, ENIM is expected to contribute significantly to the activation of the family phone. The familiar phone companies are mainly equipped with online distribution networks, such as convenience stores and direct malls.

If you use ENIM and USIA simultaneously, you can use business phones and personal use phones as one smartphone. Other overseas movement, these are convenient for domestic and overseas use.

The ENIM profile download cost is less than USIA to 2750 won. It is not necessary to produce separate sales products and is not necessary for offline distribution networks. Currently, USIA card sales prices are 7700 won.

Unlike USIA that can be recyclable, ENIM should not be downloaded as a standard phase profile. For this reason, the cost can occur when changing the device. GSMA is developing standards for re-downloading.

Specialized network operators are also expected to use a personalized network and a special network simultaneously using personal smartphones. As a result, it is expected that the business efficiency is increased due to the introduction of ENIM and can be used for various specialized network service development.

■ ENIM introduction system from maintenance

First, institutional improvement should be made to introduce ENIM. The current interconnection and wireless facility technology are set up SIM concepts based on USIA. Therefore, it is necessary to expand the SIM concept on the legislation by amending ENIM to include clearly.

Dual use is enabled with ENIM introduction, and it is necessary to clarify the application criteria to the selected agreement of the dual-paced terminal through an accuracy. After the first line that you subscribe to your terminal, you will apply the option to the optional accreditation rate on the additional opening line.

To provide ENIM services, the communications of communications should be developed to accommodate ENIM and dual-minded. At the same time, the family phone should also be developed for system development for ENIM opening.

Samsung Electronics plans to launch a smartphone with ENIM in 2H08 in the second half of next year.

The ENIM service and the terminal shall ensure compatibility with overseas carriers and overseas release terminals to follow GSMA standards. GSMA’s security authentication is made to use encrypted communications when downloading profiles, ensuring an ENIM security equivalent to the minimum USIA.

You are also needed to improve your handset loss and stolen system. Smartphones are confirmed whether the Dual-paced terminal is 2 IMEI, and the dual-paced terminals are 2 IMEI, so that the user must report all the IMEI to break all the IMEI. As a result, the IMEI pre-registration service was established.

In the case of the insurance that must be paid based on the terminal, there is also a part of the redundant injustice to associate the compensation history of the insurance company with the IMEI integrated management system.

80% of the ENIM server supply is also promoted by Domestic ENIM R & D, considering that three European companies occupy.

If a domestic smartphone ENIM service is enhanced, it will be an opportunity to promote the competition of mobile communication markets, such as activation of the mobile communication market, On the future, it will continue to enter a variety of policy efforts to promote competition between mobile operators and enhance user benefits and improve user benefits.