Pok mon Legends Arceus confirms that another mythical Pok mon will reach the game

Pokémon Legends: Areas will have a second mission after the credit that will involve a mythical Pokémon. Players who have saved data for Pokémon Bright diamond and glossy pearl In their Nintendo Switch you can find Dark in Pokémon: Areas. Once the players see the final credits in legends de Pokémon: Areas, they will receive a research mission That will lead to a meeting with Dark. Players with Pokémon Bright diamond and glossy pearl The saved data will also receive an attire based on the modern uniform of the galactic equipment. A Dark screen capture of the game was also provided as part of the ad, which can be seen below.

This is the second post-credit mythical Pokémon announced for the Pokémon: Areas. Players with saved data for Pokémon sword and shield will receive a similar mission that will take you to a meeting with Shay min’s Land Fashion.

Pokémon legends: Areas is a new style of Pokémon game set in a last era of the world of Pokémon. The game is developed in the HIS UI region, the area that will eventually be known as the Singh region. Players will have the task of collecting data for the first Pokédex of the region while investigating a mysterious phenomenon that is causing some Pokémon to become crazy. In particular, the game uses new capture and battle mechanics. The game lacks a separate battle screen. Instead, players deploy their Pokémon on the world map to fight wild Pokémon. Catching Pokémon involves approaching them stealthily instead of finding them at random in the tall grass.

These 2 Pokémon Legends Arceus Characters are Probably Hiding a Big Secret...
While the game is developed in the past, there are links with the current games. Today, The Pokémon Company revealed several new NPC with links with current characters from the Singh region. Two indigenous groups were revealed: the diamond clan and the pearl clan, each of which apparently has links with the Pokémon Legendary Polka and Di alga, as well as with the merchants of the Ginkgo guild. Both new merchants, Solo and Winter, seem to be ancestors of Cynthia and Volker respectively. The Galactic Equipment also appears as the Galaxy Expedition team.

Pokémon Legends: Areas will be launched on January 28, 2022.