Gnabry s masterpiece Modest extended VfL crisis

Five scorer points for Gary: FC Bayern is autumn master

FC Bayern secured the premature autumn championship in Stuttgart thanks to an outstanding Gary. Guests were trying to take care of the start of clear conditions. In particular, Gary came to graduation again and again, his biggest chance made VFB-Keeper Müller but destroyed. The CFB was dangerous about counterattacks, but Marmots was clearly setting his attempt in it. The number of sounds remained the Bavarians in which Seine had to replace the injured Woman. Seine was also just before the break, the Gary’s worth seeing schooner to lead. The Swabia came strongly from the cabin, but left their chances unused. Gary made it better and increased to 2: 0. Thus, the fair was read and Lewandowski was allowed to push a double pack behind. Of course, the final point was reserved for Gary, who also recorded two templates in addition to his three hits (to the match report).

Bertha goes in Mainz

There was a painful setback for Bertha BSC in Mainz. Lee headed the PSV after a nice movie from a short distance early in the lead. After half an hour followed the next setback: Jove tic had to easily hit the field. It came even thicker: shortly before the break, hack increased against harmless Berliner to 2: 0. The big break after the change fell off because Wider quickly increased and boats at 4: 0 (to the game report).

Despite twice residue: Cologne extends Wolfsburg’s bankruptcy series

The 1st FC Cologne was back in Wolfs bug twice, came again and won at the end thanks to the best practice. The VFL, for the first time the brothers Felix and Lukas Mecca began together, first caught a perfect start and went through birthday child Lukas Mecca after a perfect counterattack after eight minutes in the lead. As a result of a mistake of the householders, the FC according to the break. Keying ‘shot to the crossbar pressed modest over the line. In the detention time of the first half, Castles rescued after a free kick on the line. In the second half, the wolves went back in front. After great preliminary work by Lukebakio, Defrost completed. Guests never put on and over again. In the final phase it was again modest, who even brought the FC to the three and extended the VFL crisis (to the game report).

Riemann also likes: Armies celebrate second season win

Armenia Bielefeld celebrated the second season victory against VFL Bochum. The Armenia was in a competitive game until the break the slightly more active team. Bochum was relatively compact in the back and supernatant the one or the other printing phase without damage. Bochum Boltzmann had the best chance to date, but Ortega Moreno parried strong. After the break, Tokugawa headed the households to the deserved leadership. The game was decided when Keeper Riemann passed through the leather with a shot of Swimmer, and it was 0: 2 (to the game report).