Dolmen is Dark Souls in Spaaaaiace

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As for the Soulslike games, there are two species. There are these games that have a vague and passenger resemblance. Some games, however, are so close to the FromSoftware model that, at least mechanically, they have a correspondence almost one-to-one. Dolmen is part of these games.

To be clear, it’s not lower. Soulslike is a legitimate genre, and you can not hit a gender game to stick to the plan. It’s like saying that Fora would be a big game, if only there was not so much driving. In the case of Dolmen and other souls likes close to the original, leaning on the mechanics creates a nice shortcut. This makes integration a question of finding differences.

Instead of the attributes of the high fantasy, Dolmen carries the coat of science fiction. You are on a hostile planet called Region Premium, there to report samples of a mystical crystal called dolmen. You explore, fight monsters, die, become a little stronger and the SoulSlike cycle continues.

Souls players will feel at home. Instead of Fire link Shrine or Manual, you have a space vessel base. In the place of the fires of joy, there are tags. You earn the currency similar to the soul of the game and manufacturing / improvement materials by killing enemies. Death brings you back to a lighthouse and the chance to recover your souls.

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Where dolmen deviates from the model — and intelligently too — is in the field of energy management. Instead of healing flasks, you have batteries. You can reassign the power of your battery to healing or feeding your special elementary capabilities. It is in a way a simplified version of Dark Souls’s two-flask system 3. It works well and adds a good risk / reward strategy to the mixture. Of course, the management of endurance is also part of the game.

I played Dolmen with three of his starting classes. There is the two-handed sword player who inflicts slow but high damage, the agile but weak thief guy and the remote gun specialist. As with Dark Souls, the starting classes are only that, and you can shape them as you want over time. It’s an area where dolmen might want to pay attention to balance. The heavy sword is slow to be frustrating, and the two-handed fighter is too weak. For me, the only viable class was the one that started with an effective pulse rifle and a melee weapon ax. All classes start with a pistol, and some have a shield. I have never really understood the Dolmen parade mechanic.

The elementary magic plays a role in Dolmen, and you can improve your character with fire, poison or ice effects, for example. Weapons also use elementary ammunition. It is probably obvious that some enemies will be weak or resistant to specific elements.

The Dark Souls games are known for their complex and loop levels, and Dolmen does a good job with this important element. Although its graphics are not at the forefront of technology, extraterrestrial environments are interesting. They are saturated with color and a little organic bumps HR Tiger. Find a shortcut or the next tag is a celebration pattern. As with the best Souls likes, there is a puzzle element in the environment, with objects just out of reach until you unlocked the puzzle.

The design of the enemy — at least in the game slice at which I played — focuses on monsters like overseen poison pumps, Reptilian creatures and humanoid enemies. Even the monsters of the beginning of the game are fast and capable, and they often wait in ambush. Fortunately, Dolmen is not generated procedurally, so the monsters reappear at the same locations.

At least in its current state of development, there is not much interesting or engaging NPCs (which I discovered, anyway) and its story seems far enough in the background. To be fair, there are many players from Dark Souls who do not care about history, they simply appreciate combat and mechanics. If Dolmen delivers in these areas, it will be a victory for many fans.

The best Soulslike games (as well as from products) all have one thing in common. They find the balance between challenge and progression. They create an addiction because even if they are difficult, they reward the player for his patience and attention. The satisfaction of finally defeating a monster or a boss that has systematically beat you when you were weaker is unique. The good news for Dolmen is that even if he has time in the oven, he succeeds in this critical field. I had a good time playing in Dolmen and I can not wait to see the finished product. For incredible videos, go to our YouTube page here. Follow us on Twitter here. Our Facebook page here. Our Instagram page here. Listen to our Podcast on Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts. If you are a fan of cosplay, discover more of our Cosplay features here.