Racing Commissarsisme Mercedes

The Red Bull Racing RB14 was a Formula One racing car created as well as constructed by Red Bull Racing to complete throughout the 2018 FIA Solution One World Championship. The car was driven by Daniel Riccardo and Max Verstappen, and made its affordable debut at the 2018 Australian Grand Prix. Like its predecessors the RB12 as well as RB13, the RB14 used a Renault engine badged as a TAG Heuer. The RB14 was the last car developed by Red Bull Competing to use consumer Renault engines as the group switched to Honda power in 2019 and the last Red Bull car Daniel Riccardo drove before transferring to Renault in 2019.

Although the race commissaries considered both objections after the race end as permissible. However, a subsequent penalty for stages or Red Bull did not exist. The Dutch was further evaluated as a race winner and also world champions. Mercedes then deposited his intention to go again in vocation.

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According to the Grand Prix victory of stages, the silver arrows had two alleged rule breaks in the last race of the year on Sunday. Both incidents related to the last Safety Car phase just before the end, when stopping Hamilton finally could overtake and became world champion for the first time.

The first protest pointed out that Staten Hamilton should have overtaken during the safety car phase. The Stewards also assessed the opposition as permissible and agreed that the Dutch for a very short period should be slightly before the British. But at the end of the safety car phase, this did not afford.

In addition, Mercedes, however, protested that before the end of the safety car phase, five overlooked racing cars between Hamilton and stages were allowed to overtake the Safety Car, so that the way for stakes was then released successful attack. On the other hand, the downturned Solids behind the Dutch could no longer overtake. In addition, the Safety Car went straight to the enrollment from the track, instead of turning the regulations following another round.