FIFA 22 New letters and all details of the first event template Versus de Fut

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The tale happens in a fictional world where the company is of feudal kind and also where epic magic and also animals (such as dragons) have existed yet are intended to have actually gone away. 3 primary intrigues consist of: In the kingdom of the 7 crowns, a number of noble homes compete for the throne; In the icy countries situated north of the kingdom, a breed of creatures expected to belong to the legends gets up; And on the eastern continent, the last heiress of the Targaryen (the royal dynasty of the seven reversed fifteen years previously), looks for to recover the throne.
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The series has actually been increasingly effective and is now translated right into 45 languages. Greater than 90 million copies of the initial five volumes were offered worldwide (forty-five in the USA). The first 4 books were converted into French by Jean Sold and also published in twelve volumes. Patrick Marcel changed it for the fifth volume. A large circle of fans has been created as a result of this success that has generated numerous derivatives (often under the English talking video Game of Thrones), consisting of a card video game, a parlor game, two function plays, four Video clip Games and also Especially an effective television collection program on HBO from 2011 to 2019.

Electronic Arts has announced the launch of a new event at FIFA 22. It is the rumored versus, which will offer us new letters with improved versions of a total of eleven players that will appear in two different collections. The first one, corresponding to the one was baptized as Team Fire (Fire Equipment), is now available in envelopes so that players can be done with them until next December 13:00. At that time, this first version will be replaced by an alternative corresponding to Team Ice (ice equipment).

It should be noted that players from one and another staff will only be differentiated, a priori, by a single adjustment in their general statistics and the exchange of skill between filigrees and bad leg. That is, if a player has 3 filigree stars and 5 Bad Leg in Team Ice, the value will be 5 in Filigrees and 3 in Bad Leg in Team Fire.

New letters and operation of the event

This time we are facing a FO event that offers us improved versions of players who are limited to the statistics available in the new letter. That is, None of the members of Team Ice or Team Fire templates can improve their performance with time. However, this does not mean that they are not interesting: both for owned positions and for revulsion in the second parts, we have players with very interesting records in different ‘stats’.

The first template is composed of the following players

Gabriel Jesus (DC) — Manchester City
Marcus Rashford (MI) — Manchester United
Fed Valverde (MC) — Real Madrid
Jules Found (DFC) — Seville c.f.
Adam Trade (ED) — Wolverhampton Wanderers
Angel Cornea (DC) — Atlético de Madrid
Joe Gómez (DFC) — Liverpool
Roberto Pereira (MC) — Chinese
Nico Schulz (Li) — Russia Doreen
Kevin Baby (LD) — Wolfsburg

Claude-Maurice (MCO) — NGC Nina

In addition to these players, they are also available for achievement by Everton (Benefice), Tagliafico (Ajax) and Politic (Chelsea).