PGC Weekly Survival 3 weeks 3 days Gen g Final dramatic joining

Battle Ground Global E Sports Competition, Pub Global Championship (PGC) 2021 3 Parking Weekly Survival 3 Days The game was terminated.

On the 9th, Page 2021 in Pat ado City Plaza, Jungle, Jungle, Inchon, China’s Karin E-Sports, Japan’s Enter Force.36, Asia Pacific’s Attack All Around, Chicken’s Taipei’s Global Esports Asset, Korea’s Gen. G, Korea’s Gen. G, I joined.

The Korean team Gen. G was dramatically chicken in the last match match 16, and followed by Canada E-Sports, GhiBli Esports, Mad Clan, followed by the Korean team, and joined the Weekly Finals. GPL ESPORTS failed to advance to the three weeks of Weekly Final. In addition, China’s Jericho Road, 17gaming, European Once, and Songs in America, was not able to join the Weekly Final.

The three weeks of Weekly Final, the 16 teams have a total of 10 matches on the 3-week Weekly Finals on the 11th and 12th. The Weekly Final proceeds to the point rule, and the kill points and rank points are important. The Weekly Final Victory team is given a $30,000 winning prize for $30,000 and the Grand Finalization. Even if you can not eat chicken, it is expected that a fierce competition will lead to the Grand Final, based on the points obtained from the Weekly Final.

On the other hand, the 19th teams except the 12th team with the lowest 32nd and grand finals of the Weekly Final’s stubbornness of the Grand Final, will set the Grand Survival of the last Grand Final’s advance to the last grand final. Total four matches and the CD (Winner Chicken Dinner) rules are the same as CCD (Winner Chicken Dinner) rule as the Weekly Survival.

Weekly Series and Grand Series Matches can be watched at 7pm YouTube, Twitch, Africa TV, Never TV, and Tie Token, and winner prediction events and twitch drops events are held together.

The Battle Ground e-sports related information, including PGC 2021, can be found on the official homepage.