Epic Games Store Two free games today for all users

Epic Games, formerly Epic Mega games (additionally referred to as EPIC), is an American advancement workshop and a cary-based computer game representative in North Carolina. The studio is 40% owned by the Chinese Web Giant Tencent but the creator of the studio, Tim Sweeney, retains full control of the studio with 51% of the activities.

The Epic Games Store today releases the next two free games as download. In the course of the free game distribution, you are now securing the full versions of Godfall in the Challenger Edition and Prison Architect t. The activation takes place at 5 pm at the usual time. You then have time for a week to link the free games with your account. Have you done this until 16 December, you can keep both games permanently and play as often as you like. The only one you need is an account at the Epic Game Store.

Godfall in the Challenger Edition

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In our test to Godfall you will learn what awaits you at the action role play. With the Challenger Edition, it immediately shuts off a valor barrier with the maximum level and gets skills items and a selection of weapons. Unlike the standard version of Godfall, no story is available in the Challenger Edition. Instead, the edition sends you directly into the three endgame modes. The version should serve primarily as advertising, it is available to the release for free. On PlayStation is the output from the 7 . December’s part of the PlayStation Plus bid. According to the promotional offers, the version should cost about 15 euros.

In Prison Architect in turn, you build a prison and keeps the occupants in chess. For example, in our test, we praise the charming comic look, many foothills and far-reaching effects of the decisions taken. To the activation of the two free games, you will still secure the full versions that the Epic Games Store has given away the Epic Games Store since last week: Dead by Daylight and While True: Learn ().

From David Martin
09.12.2021 at 08:33