St Pauli is autumn master Nuremberg wins to Shuranov

The FC St. Pauli has the top match against Schalke 04, in which both teams had to give up for Corona on their head coaches, with 2: 1 won and is therefore already a match day before the end of the round no longer to displace rank 1. Match winner on the Saturday evening was once more castle finer, who doubled against his ex-club and now stands with 14 season drawers. Noteworthy: In the Millerntor Stadium, the balance of Hamburg remains spotless (8/0/0). Salazar (75.) shortened for Schalke also with a hit against his ex-club, but the Wagner jacket came too late. For St. Pauli it was the first victory against the area of ​​review since 1996.

Soprano makes it crash: FAN wins home again

With full steam under the lath: Erik Soprano. Imago images / zinc

Aldaev - Polukhina, FDSARR | 2021 World Latin Pforzheim, GER | R1 S
After three mandatory home defeats in series, the 1st FC Nuremberg on Saturday afternoon once again introduced success in the Max Pollock Stadium. Shaffer worried early the lead for the FAN (6.), which was forced to change after a violation of Sorenson early to change. Nevertheless, the francs remained clearly game-determining and awarded various good opportunities to 2: 0. It took until the 63rd minute, marriage Soprano increased with a hammer under the latte completely earned. But even Kiel succeeded even a very attraction goal, the substitute basket fired a dropkick from almost 25 meters into the corner and made again for tension (88.) — but no longer for the turn.

Ingolstadt defies Corona failures in the climber duel

Despite a series of positive Corona tests and associated failures, Understand has achieved a draw in Rostock. The Scanner first had good luck that with-promoted Rostock by Heroes (2nd) and Rizzo (5.) met aluminum in the initial minutes and did not turn out of his superiority afterwards. Instead, cellar succeeded just before the break, a wonderful free-kick goal for surprising leadership for the guests (41.). Shortly after the side change, Heroes got the deserved compensation (49.), it was not enough for Hans despite superiority. In the detention time even the FCI sniffed briefly on the second season, an initially imposed penalty for the Scanner re-adopted referee Book.

Paderborn lies late two points

The SC Paderborn has missed the preliminary jump on table space three through a late goal. At the penultimate of Tannhauser, flour brought the SCP early in the lead (5th). The VS briefly had the opportunity to compensate, but Testtroet awarded a trade meter created by Van her Were miserably against SCP final man Hugh (17.). The 1: 1 but still fell — if just late. In the third minute of reflection time, Adding caused a point for the cellar.

Veljkovic meets a fantastic Werner debut

Although Welder’s new coach Ole Werner did not take many personnel Friday, but a tactical change, against AUE (with Ditches for the yellow-locked coach Hansel on the side edge), the North Germans started with a triple chain. His team was from the beginning of sounding: Schmidt made with his first goal for Bremen for the lead, the fine Schooner in the 7th minute was still clearly talked. With a kind of Scorpion Kick TRAM Veljkovic (19) spectacular to 2: 0 — Dream Gate! Curios: Schmidt and Veljkovic were the two new ones who had brought Werner. Almost ask Court after half an hour of early K.O. Suddenly, the post saved overwhelmed Bauer. Shortly after the break, Duck sch eliminated with the 3-0 last doubt, Fuller laid in the 57th minute. The rest was a shunt, Bremen drove a completely deserved victory and makes a little morning air.

Beings finished his goalkeeping in Darmstadt Furious

Four victories in series celebrated Darmstadt and thus went against crisis Dusseldorf as a favorite in the game. Grassley hit the post after a few seconds by head, but then loved Beings. The attacker not only finished his six games at the age of 16 in the 16th minute, but with a tight shot in the 41st minute even after — 2: 0 for the Fortuna for the break. The SVD then put a tooth, flour and Dietz approached. But instead, Nary succeeded in the 76th minute of the third Fortuna hits, which was 1: 3 per penalty of Dietz too late for the Hesse. Thus, the lilies missed the temporary table management.

Hanover — Hamburg

In Hanover there is another coach debut on Sunday (13.30 clock) on this match day. Christoph Borowski, so far U-23 coach of the 96er, takes over interim after the separation of Jan Zimmermann. For the 43-year ex-professional there would have been more thankful tasks than the HSV, who has been unbeaten since 13 competitive games. Interesting thing about the north duel is from the statistics department: The last two duels in Hanover ended 1: 1 and 3: 3, but none of the eight scorers from the last two years is still there.

Dagenham — Regensburg

With last two wins, the 1st FC Dagenham in the table has seen up. Another big jump could be with a threesome against John Regensburg: The eleven of Frank Schmidt would move up to a point to the table channel. But the John wants to build on the past, because once the FCC was his favorite opponent. The first five second divisionaladuals all went to Regensburg, for the SSV from the past three games took only one point.

Dresden — Karlsruhe

Dynamo Dresden and Karlsruhe SC together in the 2nd league — long had never been fine in recent years. A team was always a newcomer — as currently Dresden — who each other rose at the end of the season. Thus had happened in 2012 and 2017 when the KSC had to compete in the 3rd league, 2014 and 2020 was Dynamo Dresden’s. Both meet again on Sunday. If the series continues at the end of the season, Karlsruhe would be due again. But still the eleven of coach Christian Either is in secured midfield, but dynamo has to fight in the table cellar. The 1-0 success against Düsseldorf two weeks ago did not initiate the hoped-for turning, followed by a 1: 3 in Regensburg the tenth defeat from the past twelve points.