Aiki Yoshida s picture diary I m struggling to heal the devil girl in the Tokyo desert of Shin Goddess Tense V

When I was little, RPG was about Wizardry and Goddess Tense series.

While their surrounding friends were crazy about Drake and FF, they were attracted to both the series of deep and severe world views. I’m definitely a great influence on my personality formation. Sometimes, I had a Bonbon and a Bonbon and a Bonbon. Well, in addition, in addition to Coronal and Bonbon, I was taking up to the separate volume of the both journals.

The story was lost, but this time Software for the Nintendo Switch to Give by Atlas Shin, Goddess Tense V. This work is the RPG that the main character of the male high school student fights against the devil of the malformed devil on the stage of the devastated desert.

Since its announcement in 2017, the tension is Max before playing only the title that has been waiting for many years!

True / Goddess Tense is For the time being, Tokyo will be destroyed!

The hero is a high school third-grader who goes to Roma Taken.

I decided to Yeshiva Uncle because her last name and name can be freely applied.

From the teacher, I am always looking back because it is a recently noisy, and the protagonist looking back to the other party to return together. She is not a very sociable look, but…… Are you all right? Do you have friends?

In addition, I am a reality, communication skills decreased year by year…!

Even if you participate in the work call, it is silent except for the greetings!

After all, I can not find the other party… If I try to go home alone… Oh!

At sushi Yuru-kun spoke!

Furthermore, I was going back with Miyazu-chan (Glasses of Glasses) of Yumiko Juno Tao.

I felt my sympathy and lost my sympathy! I was a girl and a lower school event… Furthermore, I did not happen once in my life!

The atmosphere that such a youth seems to begin is between the bundle. On the way home, a case occurs in the tunnel.

I was caught in the fall of the tunnel with the classmate Dazy-Ichiro, which was there.

When the hero woke up, the area was the desert.

There are only demons…!

Just collapsed by the tunnel! ? Now this is…

Specialty of Shin, Goddess Tense series and Tokyo destruction!

Previously, Shin-Goddess Tense III Nocturne HD Remaster, which was also delivered in the play picture diary, was destroyed from the beginning of the game due to a phenomenon called Tokyo Executive.

If the world is full, there is also a pattern that is safe other than Tokyo, but For the time being, in the Shin-Goddess Tense series, most Tokyo will destroy…!

Claims to choose in the eyes of the eyes of the eyes

A mysterious man who suddenly saved the devil and saved the desires of the desires. The main character got the power to fight by combining with the garbage.

He originally had a neutral face, but his hair extended, and he was quite feminine.

…… It is very cute! A little boy-! Stop watching the protagonist with a strange eye!

Traditional series, battle is a command selective.

During the battle, you can talk to the enemy and make it a friend.

I’m not going to make the devil as a friend soon. First, start from light communication about greetings.

Baku is not a bad uncle!

…… If the devil requests something such as HP, MP, money, item, it is decided whether it is worthwhile or passing after thinking.

And if you pass the requested thing, it will be a friend. It may be. It depends on the devil’s mood or the mood of the devil.

If you proceed with the story, the devil will combine and create a new devil.

It is also though I think that if you create a demon that you can possess valid skills against the boss that fights, or make a devil who can push weakness attributes……

Fifty ability…

Emphasis on appearance……

Cute devil just memo……!

Thanks to the normal difficulty, despite normal, it has been made into the first boss again and again….

Even if the balance gets worse, the cute matcher will want to put it in a stamen!

Will that building climb? Fields are searched and full of worship!

Tokyo Tower appears behind the broken building group. According to the Game, it was once called Tokyo, but now it seems to be called a devil who is a demon to be a demon.

Was Tokyo not destroyed and did you have a time slip? Or here is another world?

The player will search for fields with a height difference. If you can climb a little cliff, you can’t check every corner or every corner.

Some buildings can be invaded, and some treasure chests and valuable items are installed.

There are other time characters on the field, and if you find it, you can get the great points.

Consuming the greatness, you can get the ability to enhance the main character and the main character and the milder. Nevertheless, it is only not to capture, so if you do not miss the absolute Milan while moving….

However, there are Simon that exist in the place where you want to push into the inside of the building without the entrance and the middle of the cliff.

If you say so, you will go around you and go out from the high and dive!

There is no falling damage, so it will fly more and down.

Also, in certain places, the devil has a strength that does not know the story progress

If it is strong, the rewards when defeated will be overwhelming… and plus magic, and switch to Safety mode included in the free DLC.

Safety Mode is a low-sink mode for those who want to enjoy only RPG inexperienced and stories as their name. When I tried once, I was given eight-fold damage to normal difficulty to enemies.

I thought that the level difference is 30 or more and I thought it would not be easy victory in Safety mode, but it was made a loco BOC.

I’m going to try to There….

It cleared in about 50 hours. There were a pretty teeth even with normal difficulty! I was vocab to the enemy, I was violated to the story boss, and I was vocalic devil who crawls the field… This really normal? And I have confirmed the difficulty level again and again.

The high and difference fields are the depth of the search.

The latest series of series and is easier to play in various ways compared to past works. In particular, the all reverse books that can be viewed after the coalescence of the community, it was very convenient because the devil who has not been able to make a negligee is still a glance!

A handover element after clearing has also been prepared, and the player will have a reincarnation that almost brought over the state of clearing, and it will choose from two types of new generation which will only take over the system such as the degree of progression of the devil’s book..

I struggled in normal, but I think that I still clear it and I think it’s hard to play!

Shin, Goddess Tense V is on sale for Nintendo switch.

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