Battlefield 2042 receives a new update more than 300 corrections but it continues with problems

The first great update of Battlefield 2042 was not very well-received by online servers, since many players could not enter the game behind the patch with which presumably everything was going to improve. Since then, a message indicates that it is impossible to load the data of the game by entering the game, but what is the solution to get out of this problem?

On Twitter, the communications team of Says and EA made the decision to notify the community to reassure them. Obviously, they claim that they are solving the problem and invite the players to force the Retry button until they can finally enter the game without problems.

In addition, The problem is in fact a problem connecting on the developer’s side, so do not try to delete files or anything, because is nothing related to your team.

The update they have just released contains little more than 300 corrections, which seem to have solved the issue of servers, and many others. Apparently, the patch corrects many errors, balances the game and allows a much more fluid gameplay than before, if we have blind faith in the words of says.

All aspects of the game have been affected, from audio, gameplay, weapons, vehicles, specialists, rendering, UI / UX and many more. The deficiencies that the game was facing when it was launched should be completely eliminated with this update.

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Communication equipment should indicate when Battlefield 2042 servers return to normal, so it’s time to get patient to return to the battlefield.