Pangchae Dragonza Origin Taiwan Hong Kong

Frankie (Representative Weekly) announced that the mobile MMORPG Dragon Girls Origin developed by Billy Games (Representative Woo Jew) was developed on Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.

Pancake has established an environment to compete with Korea as a Global Danville purple to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau area. The language can be selected by Hangul and Chinese (Traditional). Since then, Southeast Asia and North America and Europe will expand their areas and add languages.

In addition, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau provide a variety of benefits such as various kinds of coupons and attendance events and special push events for users of each country.

FILM AKSI ASIA (Subtitle Indonesia) Full English

The Pangaea official said, Drama Origin is also likely to be in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau, which has grown greatly because it has been significantly growing in Korea. In addition, Global Danville saw the best fun to the users. Optimized localization I was able to provide the best fantasy MMORPG through the server environment.