Free Roblox codes December 2021 All available promoters

The month of December arrives and with it the ChristmRedeemtime. In several games we receive a new monthly batch of free rewards codes games such Redeem Free Fire, Genshin Impact and Roblox. Then we focus on the latter, and we leave you with the Free Rewards Key List this month of December to get rewards at no cost. In addition, we leave you with the method to be able to exchange them in ROBLOX.

Free Rewards Codes for Roblox in December

MercadoLibrefedora2021 — Redeem code by a Fedora White Flamingo (new)
Rossmanncrown2021 — Redeem Code by Crown of Electing Guitars
EconomyEvent2021 — Remove the code by a Free Economy Team cap
TARGETMINTHAT2021 — Remove the code by a FREE Peppermint Hat
AmazonFriend2021 — Remade the code by a Snow Friend shoulder accessory for free
SMYTHSCAT2021 — Redeem code by King Tab Hat
CarrefourHoed2021 — Reject the code for a pRedeemta hat!
KrogerDays2021 — Redeem Code by Golf Shades.
100milsecutors — Redeem Code by celebration backpack.
Spider cola — Spider cola shoulder accessory.
Tweetoblox — shoulder accessory The Bird Says.
Walmartmexears2021 — steel rabbit ears.
ROBLOXEDU2021 — Accessory for the back of the development platform.
Artist — Artist Backpack Accessory (Redeem Code in Mansion of Wonder).
Boardwalk — Ring of Flames’ waist accessory (Redeem code in Mansion of Wonder).
Particle wizard — Shoulder Accessory of Tomes of the Magus (Redeem code in Mansion of Wonder).
THINGSGOBOOM — Accessory GHRedeemTLY AURA WAIT (Redeem code in Mansion of Wonder).
DIY — Kinetic Staff (redeem code in Island of Move).
Get moving — Speedy Shades (redeem code in Island of Move).
Strikeapose — Hustle Hat (redeem code in Island of Move).
SettingTheStage — Build It Backpack (redeem code in Island of Move).
Victory — Cardio cans (redeem code in Island of Move).
Worldline — Crystalline Companion (redeem code in Island of Move).

How to exchange reward codes in ROBLOX

  1. Log in to your ROBLOX account in which you want to exchange the code.
  2. Go to the promotion code exchange page.
  3. Enter your code in the box below.
  4. Click Redeem.
  5. If you have redeemed it successfully, you will see a message in green that indicates it.

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6. In cRedeeme the code is inactive or not a promotion code, the message that will appear will be red.
7. Once we have successfully exchanged the promotion code, we can find the article in question in the inventory of our account.