Kiel beat Werder Schalke Furios Darmstadt exists at the ghost game

Without Chef Trainer: St. Pauli wins top game in Nuremberg

Even without the Covid-19-diseased head coach Time Schultz, FC St. Pauli has claimed his spreadsheet on Sunday — and a small exclamation point set: in the top game at the fifth FC Nuremberg, the Hamburgers celebrated a fun 3: 2 victory. After earlier 2: 0 guidance — Parade on Burgs taller (3rd), Burgs taller on Parade (10th) — Gas brought back the FAN with a magnificent long-distance shot (21.). And also on Walls 3: 1 (64.) the hosts had an answer (Shaffer, 72.). But because the St. Pauline barely allowed something to do afterwards, go as a leader in the next top match: On Saturday, Schalke comes to the millennia.

HSV gradually puts up

Meanwhile, Hamburger SV is getting closer to the rise ranks. The 4: 1 against Regensburg was followed by the Walter-Elf a 3-0 win against Untertlicht Ingolstadt, where both side eliminates great opportunities. At the end, Alison (13th), Jetta (40th) and — short after Kaya had failed on the other side on the latte — the substitute Wintzheimer (89th). The FCI, who had to renounce Captain Kitsch, showed a dedicated appearance, but ultimately lost.

Michel rescues Remix: SCP is still hard to do at home

Elfmeter in letzter Sekunde | Pressekonferenz zum Spiel Werder Bremen – Schalke 04 1:1
On the other hand, the third place lost the SC Paderborn, who, as Against Hanover (0: 0), did not come over a draw against Hans Rostock. The newcomer led to the SCP even long earned — Rhine had met after a throw away from the distance (27.) — but had to swallow the compensation late: Michel, who had left the Grand Chance to 1: 1 in the 69th minute. It buy trading after (85.). Nevertheless, Paderborn stays with only two home wines.

Despite Range Patter: Kiel is beating Welder

In the evening, Welder Bremen was a guest in Kiel and was very heavy there, with a dream gate of Meet then before the break in arrears. Only an unfortunate action of Kiel’s Dane brought back the SAW: in a risky trip, the keeper clarified to the throw away, but then did not stay fair, did not hit the ball away and allowed the guests to quickly throw. From this then the 1: 1 (Fuller, 57.). The opens of the storks did not have long been waiting for a long time, Pitcher stood at Mulling’s Post Hits — 2: 1 (65.). Sometimes later, the game was finally ended for a collision after a collision, replacement man Helios helped brake the Bremen final offensive despite ten-minute nighttime time and bring the threesome over the laps. By victory, the storks in the basement gathered some air.

Eight Singles Games: Hanover is rolled over by the KSC

Five against seven winless league games in a row, the KSC and Hanover were both in the deep before the direct duel. After half an hour but only the Lower Saxony, because there was already 3: 0 for the households. Choir (17.), Gordon (27.) and Wanted only two minutes later caused a soothing KSC lead, the goal of the Hinter seer remained denied the recognition because of a clear handrail. The 96s tried after restarting, but the goal did not want to fall anymore. Rather, Hoffmann still worried the 4: 0 final score. Hanover slipped on the relegation rank on Saturday afternoon.

Schalke Schützenfest in Tannhauser

Pulled the neck out of the sling: Schalke won after behind Tannhauser. Imago images / team 2

Schalke-Coach Grammars took four changes in front of the duel in Tannhauser, among other things, he had to do without the injured Later (brimming) and eroded (muscle injury). The Gelsenkirchen were nevertheless clearly sounding, but let top opportunities’ en masse. Butler banged over the ball (8.), Thaw failed on the lath (11th), Salazar headed shortly before the break from seven meters of Tor wart Druids. In the 47th minute then the cold shower for S04, Ritzier completed a counterattack for the lead for Tannhauser. This was followed by a wild phase with gates of SALT: OCEAN (58.) and six minutes later, Butler met from a short distance, in the 71st minute Kirov counterfeited the leather into his own goal. Destroyed and Souk destroyed three minutes later the entire S04 defense, the former hit 2: 3. The direct answer had Butler with a hack gate only two minutes later, with 2: 4 the VS resistance was broken. Salazar’s disappointed shot even hit the 5: 2 final score (82.).

Darmstadt exists at the ghost game in AUE

Due to the pandemic situation in Saxony, the game had to go to Darmstadt in front of empty ranks over the stage. The lilies remained the jubilation in the 12th minute in the neck, Gunther’s hits were cashed down because of a tight time. Until the break, Darmstadt had light up water, but AUE defended solid — up to the 62nd minute. Luca Pfeiffer completed after double pass with Dietz to the SVD lead, in the 75th minute, the substitute Sade had too much space and worried in front of the outside goal 2: 0. Although the Saxons came up again, the SVD brought the 1: 2 over time and continues to mix fully with rising ranks.

Fortuna loses late at Bode’s anniversary

At the start of the 15th match day was written on the Friday evening in Düsseldorf directly history: Bodies was against Dagenham on the square, thus ran on the 200th time for the Fortuna and swung himself on the second league record player of the Rhineland. As in previous years, the Fortuna, who attacked without a regular keeper Kastenmeier (Corona infection), was difficult this time with the Heidenimern. In a competitive game without great highlights, both teams neutralized largely, so you stood the zero as over there. But it did not stay at the zero number: after clearer a top chance had left (87.), the substitute Later stabbed the first minute of the injection time and brought the FCC to the 1-0 away win.

Joy Pure: Regensburg Tor Jubal after the interim 1: 0. Picture alliance / DPA

Dresden increases — and goes empty

Dynamo Dresden wanted to build on the 1-0 in Regensburg against Düsseldorf, but the John initially presented the clock, played scorches and went still before the halftime (Smaller, 34). Dresden but countered immediately after re-kicking, thereafter achieved his head of his seventh goal of the season (47th) and made sure of the John for uncertainty. FORTRAN developed an open game in which the Saxons even had slight benefits. However, Jahn-Coach Perseid Selimbegovic proved a particularly happy knob, because both Cali scan (80.) and Madrid (82nd) ​​met only a few minutes after their comprehension. Ultimately, the Oberpfälzer won 3: 1 and thus presented in the ascent race ever before.

The 15th match day at a glance