Releases Evil Genius 2 Solar Ash Icarus and more

Nintendo (任天堂 株式会社, Nintendo Kabuki Geisha) is a Japanese international firm founded in 1889 by Fujiko Yamaguchi near Kyoto in Japan. It focuses on the manufacture of video clip game consoles, such as the Nintendo Enjoyment System (NEW), Nintendo 64, the Wii, Nintendo Game cube and Nintendo DS as well as, the most up to date, the Nintendo Switch, as well as in the design Video clip video games such as Super Mario or The Legend of Zelda.
In its early stage, the firm generated Japanese having fun cards: the Canada. From the 1970s, the firm diversifies its activities by generating toys and also arcade terminals. It is therefore one of the major precursor firms of the computer game. In the late 1970s, Nintendo begins on the console market and also video clip games. Presently, she is among the leaders in this market: In 2008, Nintendo is ranked first video game author in Japan and second in the United States (NDP Team). Since 2019, Nintendo offered around 800 million consoles, all generations and also types integrated.
Nintendo is among minority video game firms that have actually had the ability to get in a few of its licenses, specifically Mario or Pokémon, in the usual society, as well as legendary personalities from other entertainment business like Mickey Mouse of The Walt Disney Business. In 2015, Nintendo reveals a partnership with Universal Parks & Resorts for the opening of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan in 2020.

The last month of the year begins. Although the new publications take off, but there are still a few releases to keep in mind. In the next few days, among others, with Solar Ash and Icarus continue.

Evil Genius 2 | 30th of November

PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X

Have you ever wanted to be a Pierce and continued villain, who operates out of a secret base and puts the leaders in the world the pistol on the chest? Then Evil Genius 2 could fulfill this wish. As a super cock, you build a hidden shelter and trains a horde of loyal trailers, as once in the classic Dungeon Keeper.

Here you have to be on the hat at any time, because the rulers of the world want to give your actions. This attempts to fall by castles and prevent counter-operations while at the same time seeking world domination.

On the PC Evil Genius 2 has already been available since March this year. The developers of Rebellion are now pushing a release for the consoles. The strategy game will also be available in the Xbox Game Pass on the two Xbox consoles.

MX GP 2021 | 30th of November

PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X

At the end of the year, there is still a sports game: Developer Milestone brings with MX GP 2021 the current game to the FIM Motocross World Championship on the market. It is likely to hatch in the role of over 40 drivers of the MX GP and MX2 class and drive around the championship.

The highlight for solo drivers is the career mode in which you can gradually fight from the MX2 Championship. The developers leave you the choice whether you enter an existing team or found their own team. If you decide you for the latter way, you have to negotiate off the race contracts, make potential changes in transfer windows, talk to sponsors and much more. Alternatively, you dared yourself to multiplayer mode and appear against other players.

The release of MX GP 2021 takes place both on the PC and on all current consoles. Only the Nintendo Switch is not operated with a version.

Solar Ash | 2. December

PC / PS4 / PS5

In Solar Ash, the new game of the developers of Hyper Light Drifter, you go to the ultravoid, a big crack in space, the whole worlds swallowed. In this surreal environment, many hazards are also waiting for exciting encounters with new characters on you while your different mysteries followed.

For this, however, you have to solve tricky and rapid skirt puzzles, chop huge monsters and seek lost souls. However, you should be in front of the so-called remnants of hats that have a very great hunger and are not quite a split.

Actually, the release of Solar Ash should have been done in October, but the developers had to schedule a shift. Now it should start for PC and PlayStation consoles in the coming week.

Chorus | 3rd of December

PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X

Once again space, but very different game: In Chorus you take the fate of NARA, a pilot that was once created by a dark cult. After many years, however, it is now your goal to destroy Eben’s cult to protect the world from its influence.

For this, NARA focuses on the strengths of her combat ship, which has mighty weapons and special skills such as teleportation and telekineses. In the course of the single player campaign you can gradually unlock upgrades for the ship to become even more powerful. This is also important because you meet regularly on countless enemies and huge battleships that are triggered.

Chorus is being built at developers Deep Silver Fish labs, who were responsible for the successful mobile series Galaxy on Fire in the past. At Chorus, however, the release is made for the PC, the PlayStation consoles and Xbox consoles.

Icarus | December 4th

Batman! Very Very Angry!

Dean Rocket Hall has once been responsible for Day and has decisively influenced the survival hype. Now he returns to the genre with Icarus, which differs greatly in some points from the zombie game.

At Icarus, you either dare alone or with up to seven teammates on a planet on which the terraforming went wrong. This does not mean that the resources there are always lost. On the contrary: you absolutely have to be reduced. Therefore, you emerge from an orbital station on the planet, tries to collect as many minerals as possible within a certain time and fights survival. As soon as the time increases to the end, however, you have to take your legs in your hand and reach the rescue capsule. Who comes too late, who dies and loses all the captured resources.

PVP components do not exist in Icarus Meanwhile. Just as little as a console version, because the release of Icarus will only take place on the PC for the time being.

Time-limited survival on broken planets, exploring space in different ways, become super being weight or drive Motocross races: even in December there is still plenty to play.