LOL The LCK will receive for the first time in its history a Chinese player according to rumors

League of Legends’ Shanties Market is still increasingly surprising with the arrival of European Superstars to the North American LCS with BWI PO and HANS SAME to Team Liquid or even some ERA of the old continent as the case of Reckless and Carmine Corp. This time we will focus on the best leagues of the world today as the LPL and LACK, who will perform a signing ever seen: Korean league will have for the first time in its history an imported player of China, being more accurate than the team that was World Champion in 2019: Fun plus Phoenix.

It has been as a result of a post by Reddit by the user T3T3T3T3T3T3, who has published a video in which the player 957 of Team We commented by Stream the signing of a Chinese player to LACK for the first time In the story: I have impressive news of a reliable informant, news of signings that you will never have guessed and, frankly, I would not have believed; LACK will have its first Chinese import, which is a jungle with a Ratio Victoria in Victoria. The player comments that this person has a huge victory rate in the ladder of Solo, so everything points to what is Zhou BO Anglo, current Fun plus Phoenix player.

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Maybe it sounds like something, since the Chinese jungle received a suspension of several days after being found guilty for rigging games in 2020 with the previous team in the LPL. In spite of that, he apologized with all his fans and has continued to play at a great level, since he has the record of being the jungle with more kills in a single game of the LPL with a total of 16 murders with Olaf. Through other Korean filtering, it is known that he will sign specifically by DR, so he will replace Posit and play next to Beryl or Deft next year.