BUHRES IN CHICAGO AND SABY NEW YORK Eleven findings from Week 11

1. Even a somewhat arcane topic directly: The famous Redone Host Scott Hanson, each moderated Regular-season Sunday from 19:00 seven hours through a large and commercial-free conference, informed in an interview with the Bleacher Report that he only shortly before 19 o’clock again goes to the bathroom. And then? Then there is the iron will of a Ninja for the next seven hours, which allow it to go through his own words this live marathon.

2 . At the start of Week 11 for weeks really strong triumphant New England Patriots reached a 25: 0 shutout with the Atlanta Falcons and jumped by the score of 7: 4 on rank 1 of the NFC East before actually favored Buffalo Bills (6: 4) which in turn Match day with a significant 15:41 against the Indianapolis Colts (6: 5) looked in the tube.

3 . Speaking of New England: More and more rookie quarterback Mac Jones is emerging as a future solution for the managed by legendary coach Bill Belching Patriots. The 23-year-old came in seven league games, a pass rate of over 70 percent — no other playmakers more.

4 . A bitter Sunday spent Meanwhile, the Green Bay Packers, who had initially to cope with the next serious failure: O-Liner Elton Jenkins, last year in the Pro Bowl selected, tore the cruciate ligament and missing The Pack thus in the rest of the season,

5 . Not also round, although the performance was true to yourself and forward star quarterback Aaron Rodgers despite toe injury with 385 yards and four touchdowns (no interception) towered over all: sporty, it ran for the Packers (3 8). Yet a 31:34 in the direct stood for a dramatic finish NFC North rival Minnesota (5: 5) on the scoreboard. Especially bitter: The last such strong defense, which had earlier total of only 34 points conceded against the star playmaker Kyle Murray, Patrick Mahomes and Russell Wilson, this time had to swallow as many points from Kirk Cousins ​​in a game.

6 . The player of the match was ascended definitely Colts running back Jonathan Taylor, who recorded five touchdowns at 41:15 with the Buffalo Bills and at the same time for the first NFL player in history to play in a more than 175 rushing yards, four Rushing TD’s and a Receiving TD’s return.

7 . The 41: 15-end result was also a hitherto unprecedented result — Sc origami number 1070, so to speak.

8th. The Tennessee Titans (8: 3) avancierten meanwhile, the biggest disappointment of Week 11, lost to last six wins in a row completely surprising with 13:22 against the Houston Texans (2: 8).

9 . On behalf of Lamar Jackson substitute Tyler Huntley led the Baltimore Ravens (7: 3) in his first NFL start just before the end still to 16:13 for the Chicago Bears (3: 7), in the meantime after two touchdown passes by Andy Dalton looked like the sure winner — and in the end the already fifth defeat suffered at a time. There sat the ranks of whistling loudly for the team and the criticized head coach Matt Nagy.

10 . The Detroit Lions who are native also in the NFC North are suffering Plagued addition to the Bears. The team of Motor City lost narrowly 10:13 at the Cleveland Browns (6: 5) and thus slipped to 0: 9: 1 from. That is now already clear that the Lions will conclude a season for the fourth time in a row with a negative final balance.

11 . At the end of Week 11 nor the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7: 3) were located in the Monday Night Game and the New York Giants (3: 7) opposite. And found again during the reigning Super Bowl champion to Tom Brady to last two defeats in a row with a clear 30:10 on track, the play-offs slipped for the G-Men again in probably not attainable distance. But not only that: Giants playmaker Daniel Jones now has to answer after two interceptions 49 turnover since 2019 — has more nobody.

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