Justa 2021 Lagranos 20th anniversary listened to Gravitys words

Gravity was conducted for 18 days G-Star 2021 New Media Showcase of 2022 highly anticipated utilizing IP 2 species. Another Gravity has announced plans to update the celebrated its 20th anniversary of service.

This conference has developed a whole cheonjongpil PD, jeongduyoung Design Team, Planning Table sundae patenting, jeongjinhwa projects including the PM choehyeonjin charge of developing PD, general manager of jeonminwoo PD, PD Kim made such based.

can enjoy First Multi-platform MMORPG based on a multi-platform, side-scrolling play, such as non-targeting battle. This is another game revolves around the story 100 years ago from other from those games you can enjoy a different story.

is the original saga Valkyrie directly into the game world titles produced by patients V is brought in front of English letters of the Valkyrie. Neocon in which the story goes in the expanded view of the world compared to its predecessor is the sequel to the . Gravity has introduced that a charming play can be different from the previous MMORPG experience another fun while keeping.

NFT? I will be well. 20th Anniversary of the testimony?

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Gravity is less divided and answer reporters questions.

Q. This Is Game: I want to hear the direction of the business plan.

A. aims to launch the Oceania region in the first half of next year. It is to verify the stabilization and optimization services. Opinions from where it plans to build rich content based. I am going after a local policing service work, specific schedule has not yet been determined.

Q. Index side-scrolling game is rare because the that is created?

Are you also interested in topics related to Media Showcase Games?

A. In the original game using the IP were worried whether the traditional form of MMORPG is how much kkoehaeya differentiation. It is simply a system to determine side-scrolling would be hard to differentiate from esophagi while contemplating what if approached differently altogether. Now there were various attempts to become this type.

Q. The pyeongta of seems to be that frustrating. How is going to improve?

A. CBT also the way there were many opinions about that part in the VOG test was conducted before. It is distressed in the internal development team. However, a variety of vocational skills as a design used so much, being worried daehaeseon to improve in a way that no power on either side. The full release version will allow any user to understand.

Q. For Ascent EOPN is cross-platform and PC Premium Rooms offer?

A. preparing in many ways. When you are ready, we will disclose.

Q. VOG at the time was the test platform a PC, I saw this time modified to be cross-platform. Did it develop from scratch with a cross-platform in mind?

A. From early was developed with cross-platform in mind. So it was enough to ahninyagoll someday come to the mobile users by the VOG or CBT. The reason I changed the platform long as you are prepared internally, the recent cross-platform services is determined on the scene were informed in time.

Q. stamped by the costumes in the book at the time the test was a part of obtaining additional abilities, was concerned P2W.

A. Many items in the game can be obtained from the game. Almost 100% of the equipment and cards by 90%? Costumes are also many. You can not give up the billing part, it is preparing a non-billing or user charges cows to enjoy, without feeling the burden.

Q. development period?

A. has developed about four years. There were changes in the development environment, due to staffing or corona 19.

Q. Come to think of Gravity seems never to talk about the NFT and the met averse.

A. I think its our first one for users who like games that make decorating a good content. The extent to which such a discussion NFT introduced.

Q. The 20th anniversary. What is the secret of longevity?

A. I think were good at, thanks submitted the user who gives love and enjoy the game rather than the group. In the past, we can greet the 10 anniversary, but even when I wonder, celebrated its 20th anniversary at the end was so tough all the many good and bad things. We will strive to welcome the 30th anniversary, 40th anniversary.