Battlefield 2042 6 things we would like to know before

If you played the predecessors of Battlefield 2042, you will have a lot known to you, but there are also some innovations that did not exist before. High time to bring you up to date, so that you are prepared for the modern battle.

1. Battlefield 2042 becomes the Hero Shooter with the Specialists

For the first time in the history of Battlefield, it does not choose any specific soldier classes, but specialist in the inside. These trump with unique ability ranging from ballistic shields to wing suits and healing pistols.

In addition, the specialists are not bound to a certain gun genre and can be equipped with each weapon. Therefore, the tip to you: do not stubborn in classes, but happily tries around which combination best suits your personal style of play.

However, a disadvantage brings the Hero Shooter system with themselves: balancing. Keep upcoming patches in mind so that you will not be surprised by changes to your specialists.

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2 . Hazard zone stands and falls with the team play

Hazard zone is based on Squads focus on Hunt: Showdown and Escape from Markov and also plays on the new cards, but only on staked areas. There are eight teams against each other and must have media from crashed satellites. This must bring you to a point on the map to transport it from the map via helicopter. It is sufficient if only one remains out of the squad.

To increase your chances of success, it is recommended to announce you with your team before the round. Who takes what specialists? Which gadgets and items should any squad lead?

At least one of your SQUAD should have the Data Drive Scanner. This shows you where the data drives are located, even if they were collected by opposing teams. Furthermore, each player has tactic slots, which include bonuses, like more armor or more grenades. Important here is the squad revival. With this you can get defeated squad members back into the game. In an emergency you can find this but also on a map.

Another difference to normal multiplayer mode is that you can crawl if you were shot. Be sure to use this to get closer to your teammates or hide you behind a cover.

3 . In order to create own experiences in Portal, only the console is not enough

In Portal, you can deny struggles on cards of old battlefield parts. Currently, you have the choice between six tickets from Battlefield 1942, Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3. But not only the cards were taken over, but also the equipment, weapons, soldiers and vehicles of the old parts. A true festival for friends of nostalgia. However, keep in mind that the various serial titles can also come with their peculiarities. In Bad Company 2 you can not lie down for example. Exactly these peculiarities can be switched off in the in-house editor.

In addition to the old cards you can also create your own modes. Unfortunately, this is not in the game itself, but only on the website of Battlefield itself. There you have to log in with your EA account and at the end you have a code that you have to enter the game to play your mode.

4 . Saves you long-running paths, but fits the redrawn

The seven new maps like orbital in Battlefield 2042 are huge. If you accidentally have a wrong spawn point selected, the way to walk back to action takes some time. However, however, spawns are too dangerous about the action, as you danger ride to spawn right in front of an opponent who returns to you back.

Fortunately, you can request vehicles recently. Hold down both shoulder buttons (L1 + R1 / LB + RB) and selects an available vehicle. Consider that, but only a certain number of vehicles can be on the card at the same time. If all vehicles have already been awarded, your emergency must take your legs in hand.

5 . The new attachment mechanism is really useful

Recently, you can also change your essays with the plus system during the game. To do this, keep the left shoulder button (L1 / LB) pressed. You can select in the four categories visor, running, underflow and magazine between three essays. Even as a carpenter, it can be extremely useful to have a visor in the large cards that is intended for long distances.

Selects a shooting iron of your choice in the menu under Collection with Weapons and places essays in one of the available weapons slots. The possibility to delete a slot, does not exist yet. Under the item Equipment you can add your ready-configured weapon to a load-out and select in the game. But consider that the essays have to be unlocked.

6 . Bots are practical training partners

In Battlefield 2042 you can deny matches against bots. This can be helpful above all to familiarize yourself with the weapons and their peculiarities. Have you ever given a shot at a distance, the immense story waste will be noticed? With this mode you have the perfect opportunity to study this for the weapon of your choice. Go to Change game mode in All-out Warfare mode and select Solo & Loop. There you can set the difficulty of bots and select a card.

If, on the other hand, you want to make a full range of modifications, portal mode is suitable and the associated editor site. Under the tab modifications, your settings can be done under the point I. Finally, let the code show and insert it in the game under Adventure Code. There you can still set a password to prevent random players from joining your game.

Do you have more tips to all to Battlefield 2042?