LOL Riot corrects the rewards urgently with the first patch of the preseason

Riot Games is an American publishing and video clip game growth business established in 2006 and also situated in Los Angeles, The Golden State. She likewise arranges a number of electronic sport competitions. The company had just one game published for greater than ten years, League of Legends, released in 2009 and gave him all his credibility because the appeal he satisfies and preserves with time. Throughout the year 2020, however, the firm publishes Legends of Runeterra, Valor as well as League of Legends: Wild Rift.

Preseason 2022 Spotlight | Gameplay - League of Legends
With the arrival of the preseason to League of Legends landed the new rewards system in the game. This new mechanics aimed at facilitating the comeback has become one of the large controversies of the game during this patch 11.23 due to its malfunction. Although a priori destined to help the teams that are losing, a few recognized mismatch up by Riot Games caused the additional gold rewards to be active when a team had little advantage or even winning. Situation that developers have wanted to correct with an emergency patch.

The first patch of the preseason is now available

The developer had already expressed his intention to carry out changes to the rewards system and has not taken a day to introduce them. However, in this case the adjustments have not been as detailed as we are accustomed to seeing in the complete notes of a version. This is due to that Riot wants to keep the system of rewards for goals as a small secret to prevent players from discovering how to exploit it in their favor, and we can see strategies based on getting out.

The changes are the following…:

The teams will have to be lost by more gold to activate the rewards for objectives
The rewards for objectives will disappear sooner when a team that is losing begins to trace

With these measures, from the developer they expect to make the League of Legends games somewhat fairer. However, they know that it is not a definitive change. In the same announcement of these modifications, it has been recognized that there are still cases in which the team that is gaining I can make the rewards activated in your favor. An additional gold that instead of helping the comeback allows you to move forward with the snowball effect and fulfills a contrary to which this new measure had in the first place.

Throughout the preseason, It is likely that we see more emergency patches like the one that has just been launched. It is one of the most chaotic moments of the year and from Riot Games ensure that in a single day at the Live Server of League of Legends, they have more accumulated data by adding all their testing phases and the time that changes have happened in The BE.