Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker removes the most annoying part of the PVP which has missed the fun

With the patch 6.1 of the new Adds End Walker Final Fantasy XIV, the reward system of the POPS is reduced. Mango author Irina Moritz celebrates the changes because the most annoying part of the PVP s finally falls away.

During producer streams with the director Naomi Yeshiva, step by step, new features, contents and changes will be presented to which the fans can look forward to the new Add-on End Walker (release: 7.12.2021).

In the latest stream, among other things, the new Housing of End walker, the RAID Pandemonium and the new systems in the PVP of FFI.

Funny, it was just the PVP that immediately jumped into my eye. Because with the patch 6.1 FFI finally removes the one part I found the most annoying in the PVP.

Feast and me: a tragedy

I am a PVP muffle. I do not belong to the players who just like to play the content so much because they have fun on the competitive gameplay and admit it too. However, FFI has never been managed to move to the PVP by waving it with cool rewards.

So there are several very chic gear sets or other cosmetic items that can only be obtained via PVP tokens. And I want these Gear sets. In such cases, I really like to go to the front lines or other mass battles of FFI and also prepare me accordingly to be a burden of my teammates.

However, I have avoided a PVP mode as well as the plague, and the competitive feast, although the mode in its Seasons had the coolest and rarest rewards. And I even want these rewards more than the other Gear sets.

In the 4VS4 mode, players appear against each other in an arena. The team, who has collected most points at the end, wins. During each season, players can collect points thereby and thereby ascend in the ranking, either solo or as a group. In the end, they dust prices.

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These prices can only be obtained exclusively during the respective season when you land data center-wide in the top 100, 10 or 1 of the competitive rankings. After that, the prices disappeared in Nirvana and never came back.

Como — the fun brake

The Feast rewards is the classic case of COMO mechanics. The abbreviation stands for Fear of Missing Out, so the fear of missing something. This mechanism aims to bring rare or valuable rewards into play for a short time. Depending on the game, it can serve to move people to play again (for example, login bonuses) or creating a special incentive for different types of content because they otherwise miss these rewards.

And that s exactly the case with Feast. Since the start of the Seasons in February 2016, the top players received from Feast Exclusive Mounts and Gear sets, who have never been available again since then. They were removed from the Item Pool.

And that s exactly what my problem was with Feast. Instead of encouraging me to play the mode, Como has caused me the complete opposite with me. I kept away from it and that s not even the PVP itself, even if I m a muffle.

There is hardly anything in MMOs, which one can dissuade me faster from the games than with Como.

It also does not matter if it is PVP or EVE content. My interest in a content is immediately stated when putting pressure on the rewards.

I want to do the content in my own pace while playing and have no desire to let me rush. Especially if it is such an artificially created, annoying time pressure is like Como. Since the rewards can be so great, I just lose the interest in it.

Added yet that the Feat of Mission OUT is quite unique in the reward system of FFI:

Rare rewards from heavy raids and tests can be easily shielded from all as soon as the level cap is increased.
If a type of content is revised, the associated rewards will be available from other sources. This happened, for example, with the content diadem, which was briefly removed from the game.
Event collaborations with other IPs such as Final Fantasy XV or Dragon Quest are repeated so that new players can earn the rewards.
Even if players miss other delimited events for Christmas or Easter, you can buy the rewards of them later for half price in the cash shop. Not exactly the most customer-friendly solution, but at least the things do not completely disappear in Nirvana.

I have no other rewards that you can miss in the current FFI version as permanently as in FEAST.

PVP in Final Fantasy XIV: Como with a pinch of fraud

I absolutely treat it to the passionate PV plans that they receive cool items for their victories, but not even that s safe in FFI.

Namely, Feast has the problem with win-trading and cheating (via official FFI forums), which is not uncommon during the Seasons and has been operated for years. Among other things, it is also powered by the COMO because the players want to have exclusive rewards, but do not feel like working.

It s something, after which Gold-Seller pages and other service providers have seen in the direction. You want to have the cool mount from the current season? No problem! For some small change, the Easy gives a boost.

That means: Even if you manage to work out fairly into the top 100, top 30 or top 10, it can happen that you can easily go out just before the end of the season through win trading or boosting.

Something is just frustrating.

FFI brings a Battle Pass for the PVP

When used in the past producer stream to the Add-on End Walker, that Feast and his Seasons is set and instead a new system comes, I was actually immediately activated. The system, which is introduced 2022 with the patch 6.1, sounded surprisingly interesting for me. And the more I think about it and talk to other players about it, the more I like it.

The PVP of FFI gets a Battle-Pass system next year, as many of you from shooters will know hematite or cod.

It is temporarily referred to as Series. During the term of a Battle pass, players can collect and regulate players in all PVP activities:

All 5 levels are special rewards such as mounts, armor and other items
With each level-up you get a brand that you can later exchange for further rewards.
As soon as the Series is over, the level is set back to 0 and the levels go from the beginning.

So similar to a classic Battle Pass.

I like this new system right on several levels. For example, the Director Yeshiva explained that the Series will run over a longer period of time.

As an example, the period was brought between two large content updates, which usually takes about 3.5 to 4 months. For example, if you can work out the Series, if you do his PVP Dailies, then that s a win for me.

On the other hand, I think it s great that every level of a Series is rewarding. Even if you do not get mounts or Gear, there is still the brands that you can change later. And these brands are to be stored and transferred to the next series.

The most important change for me at the point is that there will be no Como in the Series. Even if players have missed a series, they will be able to exchange their brands later against the old rewards. They are not unattainable forever.

Crystal Conflict as a replacement for feast?

And then there s still the new competitive mode Crystal Conflict, which comes to FFI instead of feast. The game is played in groups of 5V5 and the goal is not just switching off opponents. The task of the teams is to push the Tactical Crystal in the center of the arena in the opposing base.

Crystal Conflict will have a Season system with its own prices, which are detached by the Series. However, the rewards in producer stream were described as special titles and other awards.

So it seems like the DEV team would turn away from the total exclusivity of the cosmetic items of Feast. A change that I personally welcome very much. She will definitely make sure that I will visit the PVP in End walker more frequently when I did it so far.

And how does it look like? How do you fend the PVP changes from the letter from the producer? Did you like it, or you ll be a pity that Feast is now completely removed?

Write it to us in the comments.

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