The mysterious Project Awakening reappears with a new vision in

Another production that leaves signs again. After enough time of silence, the Japanese development team of Games has had good to share a new glimpse of In-Engine to Project Awakening, an adventure of which we had first mentions in 2016 and that we now know will come to PC, In addition to PlayStation.

The shared video has just one minute of footage, and serves to teach interested the graphic engine potential of the video game, with scenarios full of life and light that possibly make the premiere of production in PS4, where until now it was only Confirmed the release of Project Awakening, although at the moment all this is speculation, and we will have to wait for official news.

This glance was shared during a conference this weekend and shared by users in social networks, hence its low quality of understanding.

Project Awakening Everything We Know

Since 2016 Project Awakening has let himself be seen in some other occasion, the most sonata in 2018, when he published a trailer where he could see a gentleman facing a powerful dragon. Now this video comes, which as it makes it clear the interest of Games to get the most out of the latest technological advances.

More mystery there is about your playable bet, although Project Awakening seeks to offer the user an RPG of action and fantasy for a medieval world.

While the time comes to know more details of the video game, do not hesitate to take an eye on the analysis of Bright Memory: Infinite, which also arrived from the Asian countries guarantees a proposal with a powerful graphic and artistic section. If you prefer, you can also take a look at Unreal Engine 5 technical demo, which a little over a year ago left us impacted on Engine s abilities.