NBA Dominant Anthony Davis not stop Los Angeles Lakers give good answer against San Antonio Spurs

Anthony Davis, birthed March 11, 1993, in Chicago (United States), is a United States player of basketball advancing at strong winger placements as well as pivot. After a single university season where he won the NCAA champion as well as is marked the best college player, he is picked to begin with of the NBA Draft 2012 by the Hornets of New Orleans. He is Olympic Champion in 2012 and World Champion in 2014 with the American choice and also NBA champion in 2020 with Los Angeles Lakers.

The Los Angeles Lakers have defeated the San Antonio Spurs 114: 106 and thus showed a good reaction to the embarrassing clatter against Timberwolves two days ago. Anthony Davis was in the renewed absence of LeBron James the outstanding players.

Los Angeles Lakers (8-6) — San Antonio Spurs (4-9) 114: 106 (Box score)

Davis was not to stop in the first half, especially not in the zone. Without your Ring Protector Jakob Poll, the Spurs Ads Size had nothing to contravene, so he saw 9 Field Goals alone in the zone and had a total of 27 meters.

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HIGHLIGHTS | Anthony Davis (34 pts, 15 reb, 6 ast) vs San Antonio Spurs

At the end, the Brief stood at 34 counters (14/24 FG), 15 rebounds, 6 assists and 2 steals. Season debutant Taken Horten-Tucker was the second most consequent passenger of the Lakers (17, 7/14) and brought an important component into play with his energy and his good defensive. Russell Westbrook scratched on a triple double (14, 11, 7), but also made 7 turnover. Overall, the Lakers set up good quotas, especially the 48.4 percent of Downtown (15/31) were finally showing.

At the Spurs Eldon Johnson was the best thrower with 24 meters (9/18) and proved a hot knob from Downtown (6/9). Denote Murray also put a triple double (22, 10, 10). On the other hand, Derrick White made a disappointing game, hit only 4/10 litters for 10 points and put a plus minus of -22 (the lowest value of the SPURS).

NBA: Davis not stop in the first half

To the surprise of Coach Gregg Pooch, the Lakers started with a completely changed line-up. Carmelo Anthony played for the first time from the beginning and Horten-Tucker gave his Saigon debut as a Small Forward. The game started very well initially. On both sides, the Wilson fell well, and no team managed to settle. Only at the end of the first quarter, the Lakers started their first run, which should pull up to the first few minutes of the second section.

A threesome of AD worried the 31: 29 guidance from L.A. view, before Wayne Ellington increased only a few seconds later to the buzzer at +5. Then Davis went took to the bank and Dwight Howard took over whose size caused problems to the front and back problems. A Russian threesome and several Howard free throws later, the home team at once led +13.

In the last three minutes before the half-time break, the guests then started — cited by 9 Murray counters — a 13: 2 run, which brought them to five points.

After the break, the momentum was back on the pages of the Lakers. San Antonio double the burning ad with almost any attack, so much space for the rest of the L.A. troop remained. Westbrook thanked two threes (3/3 at this time!) And Melt increased with a successful four-point game back to +13.

NBA: Anthony causes the decision

With the double and triple teams for Davis, the offensive was no longer as fluid as in the first half, and it took until the 9th minute of the quarter until Davis could first note points on the St sheet. For this other players took over how Ellington, who submerged his fifth threesome (5/7 in total) of the evening shortly before the quarter. With 90:79 it went to the last quarter.

The Lakers did not make it fail to shake off the SPURS. Guests were not really in an offensive rhythm due to the many turnovers on both sides (16 Lakers to 15 SPURS), but always met important thrusters they held in the game. Devin Vessels fourth hits from Downtown with six minutes on the clock shortened again to -8 from Spurs view.

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Offensively, the Lakers went nothing more. You did not get free throws and in the person of Doug McDermott shortened San Antonio at 2:30 on the clock on -2. THT then came back into the game and changed the dynamics crucial. He met a heavy floater and introduced the important threesome of Melt, who played at just under a minute on +7 Lakers — the decision.