Xbox has a luxurious collaboration in limited edition with Gucci

Radio Davis (born February 12, 1980), understood under the pseudonym Gucci Hair, is an American rap artist as well as chief executive officer as well as owner of the music tag 1017 Eskimo Records (formerly 1017 Block Squad, before that Ice Home Entertainment). Presently he is also u. A. At Atlantic Records under agreement. On 8 November 2017 he extended his contract for 10 million US dollars.

Xbox is not stranger to collaborations lately, especially for their 20th anniversary celebrations. We saw Xbox shoes in all their splendor, as well as different shirts and others in their showcase. But what we may not expect was that Xbox and Gucci gathered to release an extremely limited editing console. There will be only a hundred in total of these consoles made with the Gucci brand and various other goodies, and the price is high. They will sell them ten thousand dollars each.

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Ouch. This is a Gucci price. Again, it s not surprising, since these consoles will be sold in Gucci New York stores, Beverly Hills, Mexico City, Milan, London, Berlin, Beijing and Tokyo, from November 17, 2021, not in stores Xbox. Themselves in an interesting turn of events. Although it s not the first time Gucci associates with something a little more public, as we have seen with the Daemon collaboration, this is the first time we will see a Gucci console edition. But with the prices, it still does not seem very accessible to the public.

What people will get when they buy the limited edition, it s… Well, a few things. It comes with two controllers with distinctive blue and red scratches as well as the console itself which has the infamous Gucci pattern on its case. And, too, it comes with a vintage luggage box that has Xbox written in big letters on the side and… an Xbox game pass. Although the duration of the past game pass, this is not mentioned at all.

It may be more a way to get people talking about the next Xbox celebration on November 15, 2021, and what will be revealed in the next streams. However, it may not be the beginning of various Xbox limited edition consoles collaborations.

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