Com2us Miss COEX Aquarium on its metabus platform

Com2us has concluded the Metropolitan Ocean Aquarium, the affiliate of the Seoul Ocean Aquarium, the affiliate Week wick Studio, and the co-business causticity of the co-business,

Com2us is currently building a Com2ealth metabus platform, a mirror-world type all-in-one metabus platform, which combines all the work, life, and play with values ​​on the values, including the Value Cherry, including the Value Chains, Through this YOU, we will introduce a digital virtual aquarium based on the real CODEX Aquarium in the theme park world, the entertainment area of ​​ Comforts.

Com2us is a popular mobile rep forcing game, realistic in reality, realistic in reality, realistic 3D content, and has excellent technology and vast database in the field. Based on this development know-how, it is a plan to move the various sights and themes of CODEX Burial in the met averse world and are planning to reproduce the space of joy and healing like reality.

I plan to collaborate with a variety of business partners to use the actual reality services and content, such as business, shopping, finance, and medical, entertainment, and communities, Com2us said.

In addition, this YOU is planning to develop a business to create a Digital Aquarium in the LED form in the CODEX Aquarium spaces, and plans to develop a variety of cooperation projects such as a digital contents experience. In the project that the Gasworks is in charge of the implementation of the content planning and the implementation, Com2us uses fishing IP using the Fishing s God IP to provide a library for a variety of species.

Korea's Coex Aquarium

Meanwhile, we are a comprehensive content producer with the work wick Studio in this project, which has a provincially-based high-quality CG · VFX video production technology solution, and a comprehensive content producer, which is a comprehensive content manufacturer, which is a comprehensive content. The game engine-based new media content production area is also being used to create a variety of AR · VR · XR content to use a variety of AR · VR · XR content, and are evaluated as the best company to play a content provider role in the Comforts platform.