Metroid Dread pulverizes records in the US While Far Cry 6 and Back 4 Blood lead the sales of October

Camus Ran has not only triumphed in his last mission, but he has also done it with his commercial performance. Because, after publishing the best-selling games in the USA during the month of October, data provided by The NPD group and shared by the analyst Mat Isabella, it has been confirmed that Metro id: Dread is the delivery of the Franchise with more sales achieved in your first month Since you have records. A success that add titles such as Far Cry 6 or Back 4 Blood, which exceed the Game of Mercury Steam in the US market.

Metro id: Dread is the most successful delivery of the franchise in its first month and is that this is not a milestone for the history of Metro id, since this delivery practically bends the sales of the last adventure of Camus Ran with Metro id: Prime, launched in 2002. On the other hand, the month of October has been starred by other novelties As guardians of the night: Times no Yield — the Chronicles of Hirobumi, which rises with the Fifth position, or Marvel s Guardians of the Galaxy, in seventh position. Returning to Nintendo, the company triumphs again at the Top 10 with Mario Party Superstars and the success of its parties, which remain in full boom in Japanese lands. You can consult the most popular titles in the USA. On the list you have below.

The American list also recovers games with great success around the world as FIFA 22, NBA 2K22 or American football simulator Madden NFL 22. On the other hand, and following the data provided by the NPD analyst, Nintendo Switch has led the US market. Both in consoles sold and in generated benefits, something that has achieved adding the success of its Recent model OLED.

Nintendo Switch leads the year in units, while PS5 does so in benefits No information is given about the figures achieved by each platform, but Isabella ensures that PS5 is kept as the most profitable hardware 2021, while SWITCH dominates the market in terms of units sold. In addition, the report disaggregated by the analyst mentions that the benefits born by the sale of consoles 82% has increased by October 2020.

Therefore, the data of the NPD group reflect the enormous success of Metro id: Dread in American lands, something that adds to its popularity in Spain during the last days. Some results that lead to a decision more than evident, because its producer recalls that Camus s adventure will continue in the future. For now, it will be to see how the month of November is developed, since Call of Duty: Vanguard is sweeping in countries such as the United Kingdom.