17 years of the game that has been settled by World of Warcraft

Ever quest 2

Channel Update 4/17/17
Maybe not entirely settled (EQ2 still exists on the market and still receives updates), but that s the World of Warcraft had a huge impact on the success of the game. Or rather his lack.

Ever quest 2 took off on November 8, 2004, or exactly two weeks (and one day) before the Wow-A debut (November 23, 2004). Although it appeared earlier, it would tell players — with a paid ever quest 2 and paid World of Warcraft — they chose the work of Blizzard, which tightly cut the Sony Online Entertainment wing.

November 8, 2004, the years of design and combining many wonderful minds initiated the new generation of online games. Ever quest II was appointed to life, but I was all Narration.

To the extent that Ever quest 2 never came out on wide water and never gained such popularity that he expected… and he deserved. Also, the number of players — comparing to the largest titles in our species — was several times smaller.

Currently, EQ2 can boast only 30 thousand active users per month and 21 thousand subscribers (such ff xiv have over 1.2 million).

However, it is enough to maintain Ever quest 2 alive and produce new content. On this month, we should receive 18. Appendix in the history of the game — Visions of Vetrov with another dose of news.

Well, All best!

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